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How to be an Elite Beachbody Coach

How to be an Elite Beachbody Coach

Brigitte Linford

I want to take a few minutes this evening to share with you some tips shared by our coach Brigitte Linford on how to be an Elite Team Beachbody Coach.  She share some very insightful tips on what it will take for you to achieve your goals as a Coach with Team Beachbody.  Brigitte will be a 5 Star Elite Beachbody coach in just 5 more weeks and we can’t be any more proud of what her and her team Foward Fitness are doing to help others live a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.

Elite _beachbody_coach

“Normally I don’t post stuff like this outside off my coach group but I’m SO excited about this little AHA moment I just had – I feel like shouting it from the roof tops and so you guys to get to listen in. 

So this morning my alarm clock went off at 5 am and I immediately hit the snooze button. Stayed up too late so I kind of felt justified in sleeping in. But I didn’t go back to sleep, my mind started racing. I laid there thinking about all my big goals, everything I want to accomplish in this life. 

Now I know myself pretty well, and I know once my mind starts racing with thoughts like that it will take me about an hour to shut off my darn brain and go back to sleep. haha. SO…. grudgingly I rolled out of bed and started my day. 

I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and all of the sudden I was reminded of something I learned in The Slight Edge. “Everything you need to do to be successful is EASY to do, but it’s also easy NOT to do.” 

I KNOW that, but holy crap I sure have forgotten that recently! Right now I’m ranked #32 in all of Beachbody and I’ve thought – wow, I’m REALLY close to being in the top 25 and that would be pretty cool to get in the top 25 so why not go for it. And I’ve kind of told myself I need to PUSH myself and basically in my mind I’ve said “okay, it’s going to be REALLY hard to get in the top twenty five so you better be willing to make some sacrifices Brigitte. It’s going to take a LOT of extra work.” 

Why the heck do I do that to myself? It’s not going to be hard!!! It’s going to be easy!! I just have to do all those EASY things that I haven’t been doing because they are easy NOT to do. haha. Like waking up when my alarm clock goes off. That’s easy to do, the problem is just that it’s easy NOT to do too.  And reading 5 MORE minutes each day with personal development. That’s not HARD, it’s an easy thing to do each day. And inviting just ONE MORE person each day. That’s not hard. That takes two seconds to send one more Facebook message to an old friend.
I’m sharing this with you guys because oh my heck – I think SO MANY of you are doing the EXACT same thing I’ve caught myself doing lately! We think it’s going to be SUPER HARD to reach our goals, you’ve told yourself it’s SUPER HARD to get emerald, or SUPER HARD to go diamond, or SUPER HARD to reach success club consistently – but guess what? IT’S NOT!!! The requirements to reach your goals are EASY TO DO. Just keep in mind they are also easy NOT to do. That’s the tricky part.  

So great news everyone!! Your goals are ALL attainable. And all those SMALL and SIMPLE steps are what’s going to get you there. Isn’t that the best news ever!?!?!?!? WOOHOO!!! I thought it was so freakin AWESOME and EXCITING and gosh darn it… I hope you are seeing the light here and realizing how EASY reaching your goals is. YOU GOT THIS you guys. 3 vital behaviors, day in day out. It truly is that simple.

Do you have any tips on how to be an Elite Beachbody Coach?   Please share below in the comments. We want to hear from you.