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If your thinking is stinking |

If your thinking is stinking, then your business is shrinking. This one’s going to hurt.  If I’m not Diamond by next Summit. This isn’t for me. For the business… if I haven’t built a full-time income by then, I’ll be out.  If I’m not making $1,000 a week consistently by 1 year. I’m done.  These are all phrases I have heard over the past month alone. Each of the coaches who have said these things have the ability to go FAR beyond the short term goal they are discouraged about. 

Do you wanna know what sets the leaders in THIS photo apart? 

If your thinking is stinking, then your business is shrinking

There is no “I’m out” or “quit level”. 

They have the mindset of I’m going to the top of the mountain (figuratively speaking) or you’ll find me dead on the side from trying. 

There are really two success clues  that I want to touch on with this post. 

1. Imagine you want to be a pro football player. You have to start as a child playing in the elementary leagues. Then you would have to most likely play high school, then college, and then be recruited into the NFL.  I can bet you that not one of them said, do you know what, if I don’t make the high school team I’m just gonna stop working towards that dream. They would say, man if I don’t make the team I have a lot of work to do to get stronger, get faster, and to improve my skills. 

That’s what a champion does. 

You my friend, who is reading this post are a champion. I want you to act like one. 

“If your thinking is stinking, then your business is shrinking.” -Jim Rohn

2. If you already have a “quit level” you might as well stop now because you’ve already given up. Your mind will immediately look for excuses and reasons to validate the reason for stopping the pursuit of your dream and goal. 

Here’s the cool thing. You have the decision today to work on your mindset, build the skills necessary, and help one person at a time. It all starts up here .

I remember specifically telling Gabby in my first year. If it takes me 10-20 years to achieve my goal of $10,000 in a year to make a side income from home doing some thing I love, it will be worth it.  

God will only entrust you with what he knows he will take care of in the future.  I believe God continues to bless these leaders with continued abundance because HE knows that they are committed to growing themselves into being there for the people they bring into their business every single day. 

I’ll circle back to my post from Friday, 

People quit, because it takes too long to see results. They can’t figure out that the process is the result. 

Somebody asked me the other day why I still work my business when I could sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labors over these past 10 years.

What does a Beachbody Coach Do

I made a commitment that I would be a leader and to continue to lead always. The question I ask myself daily is this, “if my team had a mindset like I do and did the actions I did today, would their business grow?”

If the answer is NO, then I need to change. If it’s yes, I’m successful and being a great leader.

My friends, Success is not a rank, income, title, or position. Success is knowing your purpose, growing yourself daily, and planting seeds of growth in others. 

Fall in love with the PROCESS, stop being so fixated on the end result.

And like my good friend Inky Johnson says. “If quit when it gets hard, you’re selfish and it’s only about you.” 

And like my buddy Coach J Fitness Studio would say, “Adversity Builds Character” 

When you have a big and a huge vision, you’re going to make a big positive impact on the human race. Guess what, satan doesn’t want that and he’ll do everything in your power to discourage you and keep you belittled. 

Don’t let him win.