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Keeping Balance- Live a Healthier More Fulfilling Lifestyle

Keeping Balance


So many of you know that I am a self-driven, goal setting, work horse but at the same time I have an incredible balance between building a huge business, having a family of 6, and playing in a band( working in the studio). So how do you stay ENERGIZED and fully alive to show up to all these roles which are important in your life? How are you keeping balance?
I remember somebody that I helped mentor into an incredible lifestyle and income that was very similar to me but was burning out. We were on the phone and she was letting me know how much she had to do and that she was waking up at 1:00 in the morning on Mondays to get everything done and stay on top of her goals. She was creating AMAZING success but I saw what was happening and my reply was simple. “Drop everything for the rest of the day and take your kids to the park” I was basically telling her that the work would be there when she came back tomorrow and that she needed to spend time enjoying what matter most. Her family and children.

In this life it is not uncommon to see that almost everyone is addicted to “Bigger and Better”, so the idea of actually slowing down and enjoying what you have before moving on to the next big thing is kind of a joke these days. I was reading this morning and the book was teaching that without contentment, your whole life will be just jumping from one thing to another, hoping that the next thing will be the one that makes you happy. REMEMBER: Contentment isn’t a destination; it’s not palace you get to. Its a manner of traveling through life. It is an attitude that influences everything you do with your family budget. If you leave contentment out of your plan, you’ll never feel like you have “enough” of anything. That is certainly no way to live.