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Leadership Award

Team Beachbody

Coach Summit 2014


I think one of the most emotional moments for me at the Team Beachbody Coach Summit last week was seeing this award given to my personally sponsored coach Brigitte Linford.  She has grown so much as a leader over the past 2 years and inspires me to become better.  That is exactly what the definition of a leader is.  Somebody that makes you want to do more because they are present in your life.  It was awesome to see her standing on stage as a 15 Star Diamond but there are a few of them up there.  This Leadership award is given to ONE coach each year that is chosen by the coach network and then approved by Beachbody Cooperate.  She cares deeply about the coaches and people in her life.  One of the things I think that is amazing is that she spent her onboard credit on the Success Club cruise to get spa days for her diamond coaches.  She also put on a retreat in Utah where many of her downline flew in to enjoy the company and she led them through designing dream boards and solidifying their why’s.  I remember very clearly when I went to her house as a brand new coach and she encouraged ME, her upline coach to go for my goals and dreams.  I was afraid to leave my full-time job and she told me that with the positive energy she felt when I was in her home was always present when I was working for my goals that God would bring the people into my life that I needed to help us achieve what we set our minds to.  She created a bigger vision in my life at that moment.  Brigitte, once again I am so beyond proud of you for leading Team Forward Fitness the way that you do.



Words from Brigitte-

“Saturday was an EPIC day I’ll never forget. 

Every year Beachbody gives out THREE big awards, a Humanitarian Award, a CEO Award, and a Leadership Award.

Coaches are nominated by other coaches in the network. And then Beachbody corporate decides who wins each award.

This year I was given the Leadership Award.

I had NO IDEA my coaches even nominated me for that! I’ve never told them about those awards and how the nominations work. So it’s humbling to hear how they rallied together and all wrote such heart felt nominations.

I absolutely LOVE my team. But to hear and know how much they love me in return means the world to me. To see that demonstration of respect from my team makes receiving that award one of the greatest moments of my life!

The only thing is I MISSED IT.

That final night I planned a team get together so I could share a few thoughts and give everyone on my team a little diamond keychain as a token of my appreciation for them. My husband had left early that morning since he only had a babysitter for 24 hours. So it was up to me to go grab those gifts.

I walked across stage for my Elite coach recognition. And quickly walked out the door to go back to my hotel room and grab the keychains. I knew the top coach celebration was at the end so I wanted to make sure and be back for that. Little did I know I was going to miss my OWN little celebration.

I’ve thought a lot about the experience over the weekend. I’ll be honest – I’ve cried a lot of tears. I feel horrible for the awkward situation it created for Beachbody corporate, and for that I’m truly sorry. It’s a once in a lifetime moment. And I missed it. And my husband missed it.

I’ve prayed and prayed for insight and God keeps reminding me …. It’s not about ME.

This business is not about me. And the Leadership Award is not about ME. It wasn’t MY moment to stand in the spotlight and hear a bunch of praise in my honor. That’s not why I signed up as a coach. And that’s not why I set the goals that I set.

It’s about my TEAM. I set goals to move up rank and increase team volume because that means more of my team is reaching THEIR goals! I care about my team so much. I want them to succeed more than anything! These coaches have become my best friends, my family. And they are the ones that nominated me. I may have missed it, but at least THEY got to experience that moment together.

THANK YOU Forward Fitness coaches. I love you all! I would do anything for you guys, even if it means I miss seeing my name flashed across stage. 

While the recognition is nice and I’m SO grateful to receive this award…. MY TEAM is my priority in this business, not the recognition.”