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 Looking for Team Leaders

I want to share with you in this post some things I learned from John C. Maxwell about Leadership Traits and the type of people that I am looking for to be on our team of coaches.  There is also an amazing poem at the bottom about the type of leaders that we need on our team if we are going to be able to grow and learn so that we can help as many people as possible.  I am looking for Team Leaders who are ready for change and ready to make a difference.  Do you choose survival, success, or significance?  I know that I am living this life to really be significant in the lives of those around me so I will do what ever it takes to grow and learn.

Team leader

1.) Positive Attitude- The ability to see people and situations in a positive way

2.) High Energy Level- Strength and stamina to work hard and not wear down.

3.) Personal Warmth- A manner that draws people to them

4.) Integrity- Trustworthy, good solid character, words and walk are consistent

5.) Responsible- Always”comes through” no excuses; job delegated- job done

6.) Good Self Image- Feels good about self, others, and life

7.) Mental Horsepower- Ability to keep learning as the job expands

8.) Leadership Ability- Has high influence over others

9.) Followership Ability- Willingness to submit, play team ball, and follow the leader.

10.) Absence of personal problems- Personal, family, and business life are in order

11.) People skills- The ability to draw people and develop them.

12.) Sense of humor- Enjoys life, fails to take self too seriously

13.) Resilience-  Able to “bounce back” when problems arise.

14.) Track record- Has experience and success, hopefully in two or more situations.

15.) Great desire- Hungers for growth and personal development.

16.) Self Discipline- Willing to “pay the price” and handle success.

17.) Creativity- Ability to see solutions and fix problems.

18.) Flexibility- Not afraid of change; fluid; flows as the organization flows

19.) Sees the “Big Picture”- Able to look beyond personal interest and see the total picture.

20.) Intuitive- Able to discern and sense a situation without tangible data.

While looking for Team Leaders these traits do not have to all be present but you must be willing to change and grow so that you possess these in order to become a great leader.

This world needs leaders……

who use their influence at the right times for the right reasons;

who take a little greater share of the

blame and a little smaller share of the credits;

who lead themselves successfully before attempting

to lead others;

who continue to search for the best answer,

not the familiar one;

who add value to the people and organizations they lead;

who work for benefit of others and not for personal gain;

who handle themselves with their heads and handle others

with their hearts;

who know the way, go the way, and

show the way;

who inspire and motivate rather than

intimidate and manipulate;

who live with people to know their

problems and live with God in order

to solve them;

who realize that their dispositions are

more important than their positions;

who mold opinions instead of following opinion polls;

who understand that an institution is

the reflection of their character;

who never place themselves above others except in carrying


who will be as honest in small things as

in great things;

who discipline themselves so they will

not be disciplined by others;

who encounter setbacks as n turn them

into comebacks;

who follow a moral compass that points

in the right direction regardless of the trends.

Looking for Team Leaders

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