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Love enough to win | Best Beachbody Team | Scottie Hobbs

I read yesterday a post where somebody was so stressed out building a business that they were skipping meals, losing sleep, and making themself sick trying to hit goals.  My message is to love enough to win, to do things you love, to rest when needed, and to do only things that bring you joy.

I’ve never felt that, I’m in no hurry to achieve certain goals, and found joy in what I do by coaching people for FREE before I ever got paid to do it. 

If you have felt pressure, comparison, or stress I’m going to share with you some things I’m learning.  

I work HARD but I PLAY just as hard. I REST as often as I need, meditate daily, and I pray daily for help.

I CHOOSE to try a little more each day.  

Some days……… okay most days it gets exhausting. Raising 5 kids under the age of 13 can put a toll on us as parents and sometimes by the end of the day it’s hard to keep it together.  

But here is the truth. None of us really knew how to raise kids when we had our first….. but isn’t it crazy how we seem to figure it out. 

One day at a time we wake up, try again, and pray for God’s help and guidance. 

After building a 7 figure business and living a life where I truly ENJOY what I do, I’m always asked for the BIG SECRET to being a successful entrepreneur. 

It’s quite simple, you never stop trying and you never stop loving the people.  

You wake up and FACE the next day and take a few steps forward. 

LOVE Enough to Win, spanish beachbody, beachbody spanish speaking

Would you ever REALLY say.. “screw this raising a family stuff… I quit.” NO! That would be ridiculous, yet in going after goals for those SAME people….. you tend to quit or throw in the towel when it gets tough. Use those tough times to build your character. 

I thank GOD that my parents didn’t throw in the towel when we got difficult or when it seemed too hard. 
Are there other areas in your life where you have no idea what you are doing yet you have to wake up and try your best? 

I was meditating this morning and these were the thoughts that came to my mind.  

Life is worthwhile if you LOVE. If you love at all, you will get results. If you love ENOUGH, you will get incredible results. Love ENOUGH to make a difference. LOVE enough to help somebody turn their life around. LOVE enough to change yourself. LOVE enough to win.

Answer these 10 questions if you are ready to move forward in your life.