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P90X Women Before and After

P90X Women Before and After

Jacqueline Arrijani

I have to show you this amazing women P90X before and after photo by my friend Jacqueline.  She had a hard time committing 100% to the nutrition when she first began her P90X journey.  She only lost 3 lbs and this was not the P90X women before and after results she was planning on.  She had a hard time focusing on the nutrition aspect and didn’t completely understand how to eat healthy.

It was then in the end of March that she committed 100% to the nutrition and the workouts that she began to see the P90X women Before After results she was wanting to show off.  This is what happens when you commit 100% to a Beachbody Challenge Group!

results may vary

“What Shakeology® & P90X did for me 🙂  Shakeology really helped me a LOT during my transformation! I had no cravings, except a craving for shakeology!   It reversed my thyroid problem.  I was literally balding a few months ago and I would not go out of the house without extensions and couldn’t get my nails done because they were too brittle.  Just last week I finally threw out my hair extensions and I’ve been getting my nails done routinely just because I can =)  It also did wonders for my energy levels, just a couple months ago I couldn’t imagine  getting up at 9 am that was too early!  Now I am up by 5am and able to get through the whole day with any issues.   I was able to work out twice a day on top of being a full time nursing student, having 3 jobs while semester was still in progress ;).  Also noticed my anxiety level is almost gone.  I am now able to think more clearly.  I  started out at 154 lbs and a size 9-11 pants and M/L top  and I’m now at 138 lbs, size 5-7 pants, small top.  Confidence? never felt better! THANK YOU! ♥”

I’m excited to see friends go through these changes. P90X women before and after pictures don’t tell the whole story.   It’s not always just a physical outward appearance change but there is a change that goes on emotionally as well when we are living a healthier lifestyle.  Contact me if you need help 🙂

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