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Say no to Beachbody Coaching |

Heather said no to being a coach 6 times before making the leap that completely transformed her life. It took ME 8 months even though I loved the workouts. Maybe you’re next?  Today she will be sharing her story on our weekly team training call along with her top tips of how she built her business over the past six years. Say no to Beachbody Coaching? The majority of our BEST coaches said no multiple times before making a shift and going all in.

“Over the last to weeks instead of rushing to get the kids off to school, I’ve chosen to wake them up slowly, make them some breakfast and bring them to school most days. ⁣I’ve also chosen to sit right here in the school pick up line at 2:50 PM as they run out with excitement because they didn’t have to catch the bus. ⁣

⁣When I started coaching, I wasn’t sure where it would lead. The kids were 9 weeks and 2 years old, we were in another country and I went from full-time corporate mom to SAHM overnight. My main focus was MY journey to feeling good again. It was figuring out my post pardum body with two new autoimmune diseases and how to cope with anxiety.  ⁣

Say no to Beachbody Coaching

The more I fell in love with the process, the more I wanted to share it with others and inspire other women to Embrace their journeys as well. I knew I wanted to always help people, but never knew it what capacity. I didn’t even think about working for myself and had all intentions to return back to work.⁣

⁣Then the girls started school and I didn’t want to miss these moments. I didn’t want to wonder if they got sick who would be there. I wanted to be at their events or pop in for a school lunch. I wanted to be a room mom and I wanted to make sure I was at their practices and events. ⁣

The freedom is what it has blessed me with and it’s EVERYTHING to me. Has it provided me a full-time income, yes, but it’s the FREEDOM to sit here and wait for my babies to get out of school, take them to the park and start Easter weekend with a fun play date with out worrying about if I have vacation that does it for me. It’s being able to work and set boundaries so that I don’t miss these moments and wonder 10 years from now what if I would of gone back to corporate or what if I would of had to work in an office full-time. ⁣

⁣The flexibility is everything especially with a husband who works away. Yes it’s some long nights and even some weekends for a few hours, but the hard work I have out in is hands down worth it.⁣”