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Should I join Team Beachbody |

Should I Join Team Beachbody


Have you ever felt like THIS? The point where you DREAD Sunday afternoons because it means that Monday morning is coming up on you fast? Or where you get SUPER excited on “hump day” because you have made it half way through the week. Or the fact that you get one day off, maybe two for a holiday and then Christmas is GONE and you are counting how many more weeks until your Memorial Weekend “holiday”. That was how I ALWAYS felt. I was always counting.
Counting the overtime hours to see if it would cover bills
Counting hours and minutes to see when break was or when our lunch was
Counting down my vacation days to see how many were left
Counting days left to gather money for the mortgage
Counting days till the EOY to see if you got a raise
Counting hours that the kids were at babysitter while my wife was working nights
Counting how many hours I could sleep before I had to be up at 4 am
I would sit in my cubicle and write out ideas or plans to change things. I would pray that there was something better out there for me. Then I remember seeing my coach Lindsay Matway talking about how she was paying off debt from London’s pre mature birth debt and that she was no longer working as a bar tender but now helping people from home with these awesome workouts. I thought to myself… Maybe this is my answer. Maybe this is it for me but then the thoughts we ALL have started coming into my mind.
“NO WAY that is possible. Okay… if it is possible it’s not possible for me. Maybe if I was better looking? Maybe if I was in sales? Maybe if I had more than 224 friends on Facebook? Maybe if I had more time? Maybe if I had internet in my house? Maybe if I had a smartphone… but…. no… not Scottie Hobbs. Who would listen to me?
These caused fears in me. Fears that kept me from sleeping at night. Fears that made it seem like the world was spinning out of control around me as I laid in bed. It wasn’t unit that morning on April 11th 2011 that my fear of not knowing how to provide for my family after the birth of my 3rd daughter became greater than my fears that were holding me back from becoming a coach. I connected emotionally with Lindsay paying off the debt to the pain I had on not knowing how to pay my mortgage and the fear and uncertainty that the debt and loan brought to me. It was the reason I was working 12 hour days and Gabby was working every night as well. It was the reason I was taking any hours that I possibly could which pulled me FURTHER and FURTHER from my role of being the best Father and Husband that I could be. That day I had courage and the courage came because I was educated and had learned what Team Beachbody was and how it would work for me. I have not felt that feeling of the world spinning out of control since that day. I feel peace because I have my answer. That is why I want to invite you, without obligation to check out our 5 Day Coach Sneak Peak to see how Coaching can play a role in YOUR LIFE.


Please comment below if you would like to be a part of this group starting on MONDAY MORNING.
Should I Join Team Beachbody?LEARN MORE HERE


A thought from Les Brown this morning-

“If you died today, what dreams, what ideas? what gifts? what talents? what voice? what stories…….would die with you?
You see a lot of people go to work every day miserable and all they do is just talk about how miserable they are and they don’t do ANYTHING about it?
Did you know that you are deliberalty operating below your potential you have gotten comfortable, you’ve stopped expanding, you’ve stopped stretching, you’ve stopped challenging yourself. “