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Best Beachbody Coaches - Success Club All-Stars

Success Club All-Stars


I want to share with you an accomplishment that I think is more important than ANY OTHER accomplishment with Team Beachbody and an activity that will help you become one of the best Beachbody Coaches in the network.  These 4 coaches are newest PS coaches who have hit the accomplishment of Success Club All-Stars and I am so proud of each one of them.  Our previous Success Club All-Stars are Jennifer Greenberg ( SC 10 legend), Brigitte Linford( SC 10 Legend), Kendra Fletcher( SC 10 Legend) , and Shiva Lafiti ( SC 10 Legend).  If you want an idea of what that helps them accomplish.  These were our Elite and Premier coaches for last year.  Becoming a Success Club all-star will be one of the most important and non-negotiable goals you should have if you are aiming for Elite.  I have personally just finished my 52nd month of Success Club 10.  Success leaves clues.



I want to give a huge shout out to Jenny Jaucian! Not only is Jenny a star diamond qualifying coach, she recently left her full-time job and is now a full-time coach last bing her dreams. As i make this post she is spending time with her Mother in IRELAND! 

She is now an official success club all-star which means that she has never missed a month of success club and her Team Beachbody business. She drove out to coach them at last year as a brand-new coach and has never looked better. Thank you Jenny for being an incredible friend and we are so proud of you. Thank you for continuing to raise the bar and standard for those around you and on our team.


There is something super cool about the universe. God brings amazing people into your life to become long lasting friends even from a distance.  Teri Fisher is a doctor up in Canada but has a huge passion for health fitness and entrepreneurship. He just became a success club all-star which is an amazing accomplishment and shows that he is helping many people across the country achieve their goals of living a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle. Teri and I had opportunity to hang out in Cancun last month for the first time in person and it’s like we have been friends forever.

I’m proud to be your friend and super excited about the freedom and opportunities that you’re bringing into your family and every person that joins you in this journey. Thank you for being a hard worker and passionate about what you do as a coach. It’s people like you that make our team one of the best.


I could not be MORE PROUD today of Gina and Funtaine Hunter. They have become like family to us over the past year and I want to recognize an amazing accomplishment that she has made in the past year as a Team Beachbody Coach and leader. Gina has an amazing team of passionate and driven coaches, she is a star diamond coach, and just recently became a full-time family when Funtaine left his cooperate job.

Not only are they are full-time family but Gina is an official Success Club All-star which means she hasn’t missed a single month of success club for the past 12 months. She is a busy mom with 4 kids, 3 of which were under the age of 3 as she built her business from home with Funtaine at work. She is an amazing woman and knows exactly what she wants out of life. I am excited to see you walk across the stage at Summit in from of 25,000 coaches in just over a month from now.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your incredible drive and expanding vision for your life and the lives of those around you. 


This is my friend Shawn Bourguignon. There is something super special about this man and his family. Not only is he the first ever 2 star diamond male coach on our team of coaches, he has just accomplished what is called Success Club 10 All-star. When I first accomplished this in 2012 there were only 18 in the company. That is how special this accomplishment is and it means he is helping to change a TON of lives through his business.

What I love best about Shawn is his passion and drive despite having a busy lifestyle. I was up at his Super Sunday event in Edmonton Canada just last month and we both stood in tears as one of his coaches shared her story of losing 100 lbs, we have the opportunity to listen to her on our team call tonight talk about her story and the importance of Success Club.

Although I didn’t know Shawn before he became a coach we have become like brothers and best friends. We are excited about providing a better future for our families and helping other people along the way.  Tara Cederland I want to thank you for having patience with this man as he goes through this beginning and tougher phase of building a legacy for you and the little ones. He couldn’t do it with out your support and love.

Instead of using his 2 jobs as an excuse as to why he can’t find time, he uses it as his motivation to create more time freedom for his family. Thank you Shawn for your incredible example to everyone around you and on our team of coaches across this country. What you are doing is truly making a significant impact on the lives around you. We love you guys and appreciate you.