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The Best Beachbody Coaches- The Right Mindset

The Best Beachbody Coaches

Monique Nelson


Over the past 3 years as a Team Beachbody coach I have seen many people come into this business of helping people live a “healthier more fulfilling lifestyle” and there are some that really stand out in the crowd and make a huge difference.  Maybe you started as a coach for a discount and are now ready to really go out and help other people go through what you have gone through.  Maybe you are reading this post and had NO IDEA that you could become a Team Beachbody coach.  Maybe you are a coach and have struggled to get the ball rolling.  My goal with this post is to share with you what drives me every single day. What is it that inspires or motivates me to wake up everyday, drink my Shakeology, do my workout, ready my Personal development and spend time adding value to and helping people with their goals.  I want to share with you what the best Beachbody Coaches are doing or more what is going through the mind of a coach that is on their way to massive success in fulfilling their life purpose.    The other day I received a message from Monique.  Monique and I went to school together over 10 years ago and after 3 years of watching me as a Coach she decided that she wanted to do the same.  She started with HUGE goals to do exactly what we have done with this business.  She was EXCITED  and pumped up.  After he first month of talking to EVERYONE she knows, guess what happened.  She sold ZERO challenge packs which means she didn’t help anybody get started.   Its a little discouraging I know.  But what she did do was surround herself with positive people ( Our coach Team page and calls), She worked on her daily to do list.  She did the 3 vital behaviors which are working out and drinking her Shakeology, working out, reading personal development, and adding value to peoples lives ( invite, invite, and more inviting).  She has stayed consistent in those things and I want to share with you how Team Beachbody has changed her life so far.   Instead of being discouraged by not “making a sale” or  “signing a coach”  she is noticing the GOOD things that are happening in her life.  As you focus on what you want and the good things in your life, you will continue to get more good coming into your life.   The Best Beachbody Coaches are constantly focusing on helping, serving, and improving their lives so that they can go out and make an impact on others.  People are always watching and as people see and FEEL the changes that Monique has and is going through, they will be attracted to her and want to be a part of something BIGGER like she is experiencing.   This is the message that Monique sent me and YES she said it was okay to share with all of you.


“Hey Scott! That call TOTALLY rocked! Funny you asked! I’ve been thinking about what I want to teach everyone, since I first joined Beachbody. What I want to tell everyone on stage, on a Monday Morning Wake Up call, or any platform that I can get on… So, can I envision doing a call? ABSOLUTELY! Haha. Do I feel like I’ll be able to take the 30+ minutes to talk and stay on track with my subject…? Ummm? Hahaha. I am definitely going to try.

My heart has awoken so much this last week and I have to spread my gratitude towards you and the inspiration you are to me. I know you hear this all the freaking time, but not from Monique. So I am going to change that right now.

I am starting to figure out my “story” and I think it is a journey of spirituality. I have been lost for a long time… I’ve felt it and I have been DYING to break free from my ego and reach for that which is calling me. Then I SAW you. Not just seeing you as a person or watching your journey, but truly SAW the person you are, are aspiring to become, and I know this sounds nuts… but I FELT the energy of the potential that I was ignoring in myself by seeing you. You not only inspired me to become more in tune with myself, but to FINALLY see my destiny as a creator, a teacher, healer, and ultimately as someone who manifests truth. Since I started as a coach, I have changed as a mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, etc. I was miserable with myself because I knew that my life was NOT meant to be spent in silence. I laugh as I look back at how many freaking times I had “be a coach” in my head. I never paid attention to it and I am sooooo glad I finally listened to that.

If I never got paid a damn penny… this journey has made me feel as rich as I could possibly feel. I close my eyes and I feel so in line with my life and where I will be, that I literally have to shake myself out of it and not walk into walls as I “head to the beach”. Haha. I know I may sound like I’m rambling right now but I want you to know that you and Gabby has helped me wake the TRUE MONIQUE, just by living your lives as you are meant to. To say that I LOVE seeing you guys happy, is a great understatement… Your energy resonates in my soul and I finally feel that I AM deserving and worthy of the same thing. And that alone is the best feeling in the world… to KNOW that your doubts and fears were not based on reality.

Anyways… I hope I didn’t sound like a total weirdo but I felt like I needed to thank the people who showed me life’s potential. I also want to thank you for putting in time for me and making me feel like I am the only coach you have.

You may have already listened to this at some point, but if you haven’t, please consider putting it on your list of future PD talks. Specifically, listen to the story of the “Field of Dreams” at 1:02:00 until about 1:10:00. I LOVE what he says about walking away from your dreams and living your destiny. (WOW!! I cry even hearing that sentence!)

Alright. I have officially taken too much time so here’s Tony Robbins… my 1 of 5 people I spend the most time with. Haha.

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