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Think Like a Monk | Finding your True North Star |

Why is an 8 year old boy reading a book like #Thinklikeamonk by @jayshetty ? In our home chores don’t receive “allowance” and are done because you belong in this family, it’s a responsibility, not something you get paid for. When you’re an adult you’re not going to get paid for washing your own dishes, making your bed, helping prepare the meal, set the table, fold laundry, or by vacuuming your living room floor. Our kids earn money by reading personal development books. Hence why Caelum is reading this book. He’ll earn $40 when he finishes it. I’m excited to see the type of man that he grows up to be. Sure he may sway from the truth like I have and like many kids do but I believe with a firm foundation in the gospel and with his mindset that he will always come back to his true North Star. I believe that because of the investment we are making in him and our four other kids right now. I’ve personally had the opportunity to read over 480 books about happiness, success, finance, leadership, mindset, and anything involved with growing yourself. I meditate at least once a day for 10 to 20 minutes. Those are things that took discipline and daily action. Many people share that this has been the hardest and worst year of their life and I can’t wait for 2020 to end. I can honestly say that this has been the best year of my life. I’ve lost a couple friends to heart attacks and organ failure, I’ve had people that betrayed me, I’ve had Covid-19, and a number of other things. But I am powerful. I understand the power of the mind and being in control of your emotions. It doesn’t mean I don’t slip and get upset or angry, or make mistakes, but that I recognize and I’m aware of those things and quickly course correct. My friend, I’m asking you to step into your power. The adversary wants you to be discouraged, upset, angry, arguing with others, contentious, sad, and a number of other feelings. Don’t let him win. You’re stronger than that. Five minutes before I took this picture my son was yelling at his little brother how much he hated him over a set of Legos. Instead of yelling back we sat down to read for 20 minutes. After we read he continued reading on his own and completely forgot about his anger. When I leave this earth nobody’s gonna care what rank I was inside of my company, what position or title I carried, or how much money I earned. I’m going to be remembered for the person that I was.