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Top Beachbody Coach Recruiter

Teri Fisher

When he says that he is creating The Exercise MovementTeri Fisher is not joking around. I want to take a few minutes to share with you that this busy Dad, MD, and Team Beachbody Coach was named as the 2nd Top Beachbody Coach recruiter in the company. It’s kind of a big deal when you realize that there are 215,000 coaches across the USA and Canada. What else is super fun and inspiring? Today is the official Launch for Team Beachbody in Canada. Teri we are super proud of the impact you are making as a Coach and for the example that you are making for your family. Keep this pace up and we won’t have to wait till Summit to hang out, I’ll be flying out to visit that team my man.  I am honored to be Teri’s sponsor coach and know what he has gone through as a coach since day one so I asked him in our Team Facebook page to share with us his top Beachbody Coach recruiter tips as well as some information on how it was as a coach when he started his journey.


“Get ready for some TOUGH LOVE….. if you’re not ready for it, then stop reading NOW. If you’re ready, and serious about this business… then read on.

Let me start be telling you about my first 3 months as a coach. I made $0. ZERO! Let me tell you about the next 3 months as a coach – I made $200 TOTAL. So, to recap: in my first 6 months as a coach, I made $200. I hate to even think about what I was getting paid per hour at that point. Fast forward to today and I was named as the 2nd top recruiter in the entire company of over 215,000 coaches! 

So, how did I feel during my first 3 months about not making a penny? I honestly DID NOT CARE. I KNEW, beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would be successful at this and I was willing to invest as much time as I needed to do this. I read The Compound Effect (if you haven’t read it, truly ask yourself “why not?”) and ABSOLUTELY KNEW that eventually my hard work, consistency, and determination would pay off. That’s the way this works. I treated my business as a successful business from DAY 1, even though I hadn’t earned a penny.

So… are you all ready for my 3 secrets? Here they are….

1. Invite, Invite, Invite – if you are not inviting, there is NO WAY you will be successful. What do you expect to happen? People to crawl out of the woodwork and beg you to be their coach?
2. Be product of the product – are you doing a program? Are you drinking Shakeology? If not, what kind of credibility do you have? Do you expect someone to purchase something from you that you don’t even use? I wouldn’t.
3. Personal Development – Are you growing as a person and as a coach? Have you identified areas that you could strengthen? Have you read The Compound Effect? Have you read The Slight Edge? Have you read Go Pro? Why not? Are you serious about this or not?

So, have you heard those secrets before? Of course you have – they are the 3 Vital Behaviours. But, do you actually practise each and every one, every single day? Because if you don’t, you’re wasting your time.

Make a decision today to take this seriously and get started. The amazing thing about this, is that you are in complete control of these secrets. If you choose to do them…. you’ll do them. If you choose not to… you won’t. But I can promise you this – your business 6 months from now will be a direct reflection of what your decision is TODAY. So now, will you do the 3 vital behaviours? It’s up to you.”

We then when on to ask him how long it took for him to hit success club constantly and his replay was simple.

“It wasn’t until about 6 or 8 months in, that I started hit SC consistently.”