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Workout in just 30 minutes

Workout in just 30 minutes

Kory Talbert30_minute_workout_plan

This photo below is my friend Kory Talbert before he decided that he was going to make some serious changes to his health.  The program that he chose for his personal journey was P90X3 which is only 30 minutes!  Getting a workout in just 30 minutes has helped so many of my friends get started on their health and fitness journey.  I started my own journey in 2010 with P90X but it was so tough with some of the workouts between 60-90 minutes.  I know that I spent 30 minutes some days just trying to convince myself to do my workout.  That is why I love that you can get your workout in just 30 minutes before you can convince yourself out of doing it.   Kory went from 270 lbs down to 225 lbs with the P90X3 Challenge.  I am so excited to see you enter your results for the chance to win the $500 that they give out every single day in the Beachbody Challenge.


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“I started P90X3 in October because I had gotten fed up with the party lifestyle and the constant waking up with hangovers and having the day ruined because I’m to busy trying to recover from late nights and drinking. I had also torn my left calf and my right hamstring during softball games earlier in the year. That was the beginning of my wake up call to get into better shape if I got hurt running 60 feet to a base. I started by running a mile and half and doing pushups and sit-ups in the end of July. I also began by cutting out sodas therefore eliminating my want to drink and limiting my fast food. I started slow on the dieting because I had tried doing it cold turkey multiple times before and I always failed because I had no willpower to cut the crap out. I had started the original P90X some years and never finished it but remembered that it was tough but it was fun. My brother had ordered P90X3 when it came out but it sat on our shelf never being touched. At the beginning of 2014 I pulled it off the shelf and printed out the schedule expecting to once again do maybe three weeks and call it quits. I got into it and realized while it was difficult to finish many of the workouts, Tony made it easy to get back up after I fell over, to keep going despite what my mind said, and to always do one more rep. I also found myself looking forward to the workouts everyday (except Pilates, which is still my hardest one!) At the halfway point I had noticed that I had more energy, I was slimming down, I was going longer and harder in the workouts, and the motivation had completely changed! I wasn’t doing this because I looked fat and I couldn’t play sports, I was now doing this because I LOVED it! I started on 2 Nov 2014 and ended on 14 Feb 15, and its been the best thing I’ve done for my health. I felt GREAT and I immediately put in the doubles schedule to push myself even further! I looked good (which is always a good plus), I was running five miles, I was playing soccer, softball, basketball, and football without tapping out, I was walking at least 7 miles a day, eating healthy, and drinking only water. I have never felt so great in my life. The motivation I got from P90X3 helped me turn my life around. I was working a dead end job at the local hospital with low pay and no chance to move up. The motivation from working out has pushed me to go back to school and get that degree and get out there and have a career. I even rekindled my relationship with God which had been destroyed by my previous years choices. I owe where I am today to working out and having the push to always do slightly better. I am going to continue on this path so I can be healthy and not have the problems I once had. I also want to live my dream of being an Air Force Officer and this will continue get me cut and better shape to be where I need to be. I will also continue because it is in my blood now, it’s a part of who I am and what I do. I wake up early to put the time in and I do 110% every single day! When people talk to me, I share how great the program is and what it can do for anyone! If it has worked for me, then it will work anyone! Just put in the time and effort and never say I can’t, never give up, and always push just one step, one more rep, and one more set!”



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