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All The Hard Work |

If I had not taken a chance with this home fitness business called Team Beachbody, this boy most likely would not have made it into this world. 

Read that again because that thought stopped me in my tracks today.

All the hard work, all the sacrifices, all the people telling me it wasn’t possible, all the late nights and early mornings, all the lessons I’ve learned as a coach gave me the opportunity to grow through each challenge to be the man I am today. 

The father to Malik, our 5th child who would not have come into our lives had I stayed in a job were I was over worked, underpaid, and under appreciated. 

It’s not a “funnel” system, timing, being first, a great mentor, or luck that is going to change your life. 

It’s deep self reflection and realizing that you are capable of so much more than you are currently doing. 

You’ll have to look in the mirror and deal with the crap you’ve been dealt in your life and decide that you’re going to change. 

Some of that crap was probably passed on to you from parents and some of that crap was brought on to yourself as a result and consequences of your choices. 

It doesn’t matter, you have to fix it.

It’s time to own up to that stuff and grow into the person that you are designed and destined to be. That’s when you’ll be a leader. That’s when your business will begin to thrive. 

Everything you’re saying about why you’re not successful is an excuse. Everything. 

I will not be someone who enables your downfall by validating your excuses. 

It’s time to rise up my friend. It’s time for you to grow into your potential. It’s time for you to help others.

If this message helps you, act on it and tag somebody else on this journey with you.

All The Hard Work

I help you as a new parent who is overworked, underpaid, and under-appreciated to reignite your dreams, feel good today, and build successful habits.. Send me an email at

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