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Beachbody Challenge Group

Kayla Cupit 

Everyday I get asked.  What is a Beachbody Challenge group?  How does that work?  As a matter of fact I had a guy working on our landscaping yesterday and he asked me, “Do you own a gym?”  Team Beachbody is a group people focused on developing themselves and supporting others on their health and fitness journey’s with the amazing workouts like P90X, Insanity, 21 Day Fix, and Body Beast.  The way we are able to help people on a BIG SCALE is through online accountability groups on Facebook.  That is what a Beachbody Challenge group is.   I have seen THOUSANDS of people transform their lives through the 4 pillars that I believe makes Team Beachbody remarkable.  Fitness, Nutrition, Support, and Financial Rewards.   Kayla discovered a Beachbody Challenge group in her 2nd month of doing Insanity and I want to share with you how she feels NOW, vs before she began her journey.


results may vary

“I decided to lose my extra weight because when I looked at myself in the mirror I was unhappy. Outside of my house I would become paranoid that I was secretly being judged about my weight. I felt like the heavy friend with the great personality. I had no extra energy after work to play with my 5 year old son. I had started feeling unattractive around my fiance (who had gotten with me when I was leaner). I also have asthma and injuries that acted up because of my extra weight.

I had mentioned to a coworker that I really wanted to find a way to lose weight. I wanted to lose it quickly, but, I wanted to lose it in a healthy way. He suggested p90x and Insanity. He bragged about getting fit for baseball season on those programs. He swore they worked and warned me they were hard. (Challenge accepted). Later that night I researched both programs online. I decided to go with Insanity because I didn’t need any equipment.

become a beachbody coach


When I started INSANITY I knew just from the first 2 days that I was in for something fierce. I asked myself if I really could do this, if I would stick with it or if I would fail. (I was afraid I would fail). But after I stuck with it, within the first 2 weeks something miraculous happened! MY MIND STARTED TO CHANGE! I seen my first picture and my 2 week photo and for once I thought, “I CAN do this”. I just had to stay stick with it and stay motivated. I looked online at other people’s transformations and I stumbled upon my coaches before and after. I remember thinking “I have to meet my coach, I have to see what their doing”. I found my coach and I sent my coach a friend request. I started talking with them and joined a Challenge group in August (my second month of Insanity) and the groups support really motivated me to give it my all that month.

When I had seen that last picture and how much I have transformed so far, I sat down on my floor and cried happy tears. I am so proud of myself. I start to think about how I feel now and man am I blessed. I feel stronger, I have more energy (I play with my son all the time now). My friends have actually been coming to me asking for help and asking what I am doing. I feel attractive again. I feel empowered.

I will continue my journey to reach my goals, I KNOW it’s possible! I just want to inspire those who feel less about themselves. I want to tell them that they can lose the weight, gain their confidence back and be in love with themselves again! They deserve that. I’m so happy and I want to be a positive light for others. Pay it forward.”- Kayla