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Become a Beachbody Coach- Be a Part of Something Big

Become a Beachbody Coach

Team Retreat Winter Summit

Hosted by: Michael and Jennifer Greenberg

Attended by:  Some of the most incredible people I have ever met.


I have so many thoughts going through my head as I am finally back home to Idaho Falls.  I was able to spend an entire week in Gatlinberg TN in an amazing 14,000 square foot mansion with an incredible view.  That alone is something I never imagined doing just 4 years ago.  What was even more breath-taking and inspiring to me was seeing people connect in a business to where it doesn’t even feel like a business yet a close knit family that cares about each others success in all areas of life.  I’m used to running and leading events with Team Beachbody but it was a special moment that really expanded my vision as I watched Jennifer and Michael Greenberg work with their team and I was just there to be a part of it and get to know our family a little bit better.  Jennifer and I started as Team Beachbody coaches in the spring of 2011 because we absolutely LOVED P90X and supporting and encouraging each other with our goals.  When we found out that we could become a Beachbody Coach I was the same as most people are and had doubts about what it was.  We actually started a support group to help people even though we weren’t “official Beachbody Coaches” We were in love with helping people.  Being able to witness that ripple effect first hand brought me to tears on multiple occasions in that retreat this past week.



I’m sure if you ask many of them they will happily share their experiences with you and what they learned from making an investment time and money to fly out to TN and take away 3-5 days from their families.  I know for me I have had life-changing and altering moments that I know if I keep them close to heart and apply the things I learn will be able to reach and impact more people on a deeper level.  I’m hoping and it’s my wish that I can be open and vulnerable and that our coaches that were at the retreat can be the same so that you can understand what we do and why we do it.

beachbody retreat mansion

Because of hard work and sacrifices we have been able to build a very successful Team Beachbody business.  But in life and in business we must continue to grow and learn in all areas.  When you stop growing, you start dying.


Takeaway #1- Value friendships a little more.  Okay a lot more.  After talking with one of our very successful leaders of the team I found that they have never really had good friends.  It made me realize that although we have a good relationship as business partners we laugh, get along, hang out, and so forth; the most important part to him is the friendship.  The business is just an incredible by-product.


Takeaway #2- Learning on a deeper level WHY somebody does what they do and Why they are doing it. One coach and I had a moment where we were both in tears sharing about why we were doing this business and why some of our goals were as big as they are.  We connected on a level where we were talking about the $2 million dollar lodge his Grandfather built as a legacy for their family that will be lost due to their family not being able to pay the taxes and fees to maintain it unless he builds this business.  He will not let it go.  He will carry on his Grandfathers legacy and figure out the steps on the way.

best-male-beachbody coaches

Takeaway #3-  Sometimes all you need is a friend.  Funny how I wrote that and know that it is a big part of my takeaway #1.  I spent many hours talking with a coach and built an amazing friendship. Although these many hours spent help this coach have a BIG breakthrough that will make them one of the most successful coaches in this company.  Because they listened and were willing to spend so much time me, I learned a lot about myself and found a new friend for life.


Takeaway #4-  Seeing people work out together and struggle together through workouts. Seeing us all eat together like a real family.  Many times we are at home and working on our dreams or our business and we don’t realize or we forget that others are going through the same things as us.  This was a reminder that THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE. beachbody family

Takeaway #5- I have connected on a heart level with most of these coaches and new friends over the past week and I can honestly say with all my heart that I will continue staying in the trenches with them and sharing what the steps are to achieve the goals that they want to achieve in their lives.  This is my calling in life and it feels amazing and I am beyond blessed that God has brought every single one of you into our lives.

Takeaway #6- I can do hard things.  If you know me, I LOVE sleep and I love naps.  We stayed up at times until 7:30 am and woke at 9:00 am to workout.  I took ZERO naps.  I now know that I can do SUPER hard things.