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Craig Holiday - 90 Days to Excellence -Time Management

Busy people are busy because they have the DNA and want to do more with their lives.  A lot of times our lives are out of control because we don’t know how to manage our time.  “The way you live your hours is the way you live your days, the way you live your days is the way you live your life.


  • Take control of the hours in your lives.  Once those hours are gone you cannot get them back.  Time is NEVER an excuse.   The most successful people you know in life and in this business have the exact same number of hours as you do.
  • BE WHERE WE ARE –  If you are at your kids soccer game or out on a date with your spouse, YOU are NOT on social media, texting with your customers and coaches, and trying to work your business.
  • If you look a year back in your life, you are more busy now then you have ever been.  We are not capable of doing everything that we want.  “Life is not going to stop for you to build your Beachbody business.”  We have added this on top of what we already do.   Our life begins to feel out of control.  We need to find 8-15 hours or whatever number it is that you decide to dedicate to this business.   Then  it gets hard because we need to find spouse time, time for the kids, Beachbody time, and some of us even have full time jobs.  We are leaders and have the DNA and understand that we need to be organized because if we don’t,  we are not effective and we may miss out on some of the most important things we are supposed to do with our lives.  We go to sleep and our mind can’t sleep because we are thinking about things we need to do the next day we can’t remember.  This brings us to something very important.

  • Using a Calendar-   Unless you learn to use a calendar and manage your life effectively you will NEVER be able to be BIG in this business, it won’t be humanly possible for you.  You need to sleep some hours.
  • ASSIGNMENT- Take a piece of paper and fold it down the middle.  On one side write PRIORITIES and on the other side write REAL LIFE.  On the left side (if married do it together) write down your priorities. (Financial independence,  get out of debt, your family, your spiritual side of your life.)  On the right hand side you are going to write down everything you do in your normal life.  What does your life look like from the minute you get up until you go to sleep.

** Now take a red pen and look at your priorities on the left and the real life on the right and put X’s next to everything that doesn’t match up with your priorities.  After this, look at your life right now and say,  “Is this the time of my life that I need to be doing these things?”  Craig Holiday challenges us that if we are in debt, or we are not sure if we are going to make it financially in the next 6 months.  If this is true about our lives, there are things on the right hand side that don’t belong in our lives right now.  You may LOVE to do these things but you have to realize that if you have a Beachbody Business, you could be  building it in that 4-8 hours.  You have to look at where it is you want to be.  When your life is based on priorities you will learn how to say NO to the things that are not important right now.  These will be difficult decisions and delayed gratifications.  For example, I LOVE playing softball but realized that I was missing out on 5-6 hours per week that I could have been using to build my business.  Craig tells us that maybe we haven’t earned the right to be doing some of these things.  If we are in debt, or stressed out about finances , we don’t deserve to be out playing and doing some things that we love to do in this life.


  •  Time is your greatest asset in this business.  It is going to take days, and hours, and months.   We need to realize the value in our time.  Every hour you invest will build your business.  If you have your priority list written down and understand it, it will be easy for you to say NO when you are asked to do things that are not important in your life at THIS moment.  You will be able to say,  “I can’t do that right now but in about 2 years I will be able to.”

  • Become calendar disciplined – You need to be able to look at it so you can see your life in front of you ever single day.  Sunday night you and your spouse will be able to sit down and write out your week.  Use color blocks and block out your time.  Your full time job, your family time, your spouse time, your Beachbody business time, and anything else.  When you have date night, you do not verge away from that!  That is your spouse’s time.  If a coach calls and says I need some help and you look at your schedule and you say “let me talk to her and see if we can work something out.”  You just discredited your spouse and took away the time you set aside for that. DON’T DO THAT!   If you are not disciplined with your calendar your life will be out of control.  You can’t be where you are.  To manage our life and our business we have to stare at our calendar like the instruments in a jet.  We will have to steer our life by looking at that instrument (calendar)or we will crash.  If you are with your kids during their time and you are texting your coaches, Craig Holiday says “SHAME ON YOU”. – BE WHERE YOU ARE.
  • If you want some help from your up line coach you will need to have your hard calendar open so you can sit down and talk with them about what you are doing and they can help you become more effective because they can see what you are doing with every hour of the day.  This way you can open that calendar with them and circle in red every time you did something that created business in that month.   This way you can see if you are spending more time managing your business then growing it. They will be able to see how to help you improve if they can see how you use your time.
  • This calendar will reveal your wasted time and how you can be more effective. 
  • This is a business that you can literally work 24 hours a day and every day of your week.  This is why you need a calendar.  You need to control your life and be busy but,  busy organized.  If your life is a mess, there is nobody that will want to join you in what you are doing.  When you are disciplined in your time,  and with your priorities, and with your dreams, you will be much happier.
  • Have a meeting once per week with your spouse, this is a business meeting.   Don’t do this during your “date night time”.  This should be during your weekly meeting on Sunday night.  First thing you do is sit across from each other and you talk about the week.  Talk about things that may have bothered you during the week.  Tell your spouse to let you know things that may have bothered them during the week and let them know you are not going to “yeah but her”.   Having this communication time weekly is an outlet.  It’s a freedom and a resource for us to be able to get rid of problems so that we can build a huge business.  2nd part of this meeting is to open up the calendars and see what needs to be done during the week and write it in the calendar.  Next ask what your spouse needs emotionally and write down these things. It shows value to one another.   You need to make sure you are on the same team because if you are not, you are going against each other.  The most important thing to remember is that no matter how successful you become in your business , if at the end your family is not intact, it is not a happy ending to your journey.   If your spouse needs more affirmation then put it in your calendar so you know to give her that time.
  • When it comes to managing our lives, we have been given a certain numbers of hours.  If that is all we have,  How effective are we with those hours?  If we will take charge of our lives and discipline ourselves  we can stop worrying about the future because we are living for the day and we are being effective every single day with our calendar.  Write 10 things down that you will do for your business every single day.  Once you write down these things, DO THEM.  Do them every single day.


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If you are constantly worrying about the future and tomorrow we are zapping all of the strength out of our lives today.  Make your strength become your time management, discipline, and working with a calendar.  If you want to be a good parent;  get discipline.  If you want to be a great coach, if you want to be good at your workouts; get disciplined.   If you will prioritize your life and manage your time you will eliminate the anxiety and you will be able to live your day with passion and be effective.  We can do something about today.  Live your minutes, hours, and days to your fullest.