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Craig Holiday/90 Days of Excellence/ 10 points of Leadership

10 Points of Leadership

Here are the 10 points of leadership from the 90 Days of Excellence.

1.)    A Leader does more than anyone else –   A leader understands trench living.  Nobody can stand at the top of a hill and yell down orders to his team.  He must be down in the trenches working everyday to grow.  A leader will outwork his group and do the action parts of the business every day.  “This is a business where you are rewarded for action, not position.”

2.)    A Leader pursues change –   A leader pursues change and demands it of themselves.  If you look at your business and where you stand now, you are exactly where you deserve to be.  A leader will always need to be changing because people follow those who are changing.  Some of us are standing on a spiral staircase and we can either take a step up or step down.  We cannot stay where we are.  We can always grow with personal development, reading, and audios.  The day you quit changing is the day they put you in the ground.  Craig Holiday challenges us to turn off the radio and listen to personal development.  Listen to people who will help change your life.

3.)     A Leader can communicate vision in the lives of others and call them to action–   “A leader can communicate vision in the lives of others and call them to action. When you work with someone in your business, whether it’s across the table at Starbucks, on the golf course, or on a conference call—whatever it is, when people spend time with you, is their life changed? Do you help them find a greater vision to what their life’s about? If I spend time with you, I don’t want to talk so much about technique. I want to talk about your dreams, and where you’re going, and what you want to accomplish in your life. Because I want to be able to create a vision for you.

Because once you have your vision, it will be unacceptable for you to not accomplish it. Each of you with your own business has been given that in your life. You all know deep down in your heart and your soul what it is you’re to do.  What it is you’re to accomplish in your life.  There’s no doubt in my mind that you know what that looks like.  You’ve been given that vision.

We are leaders when we are able to implant that ability to see one’s own special vision in the lives of others.  That’s what makes great leaders.  The leader is able to stand on a great stage in front of a large audience or sit at a small table across from someone, and they’re able to let them see, not where they are, but where they can be, where they must be, and the picture of themselves in the future.” it is you’re to do. What it is you’re to accomplish in your life. There’s no doubt in my mind that you know what that looks like. You’ve been given that vision.
Leadership is a great quality which enables people to stand up and pull the rest over the horizon.  Are you a Visionary?

4.)    A Leader is competent and knows his business –    Don’t pass leadership up or leadership will pass you up.  Find out whatever it is you are lacking  in this business or in your life and CHANGE IT!   The saddest thing in life is when a man ‘s dream dies yet he still lives on.  To be a leader you will need to be confident in your goals and the direction of your life.  Set goals and allow yourself the chance to fail!

5.)    A Leader owns it –  If you haven’t done what you should in the last 30 days, that’s okay.  Let’s change it.  No one can motivate you to change, there is no such thing.   No one will do that for you.  You have to motivate yourself.  How well is your company doing?  How well are you doing in your own life?  If you feel like you are behind, then quit making excuses and get off the bench and into the game.  Do you want to help lead this company?  Do you want to go on amazing bike rides in France?  Do you want to do incredible things for your family?  If this is the case, take responsibility for your life.  Ask yourself, “Am I going to quit trying to change the past and live there or am I going to face forward and move forward in life.”  Own your attitude.  Don’t be involved in pity parties, deal with the issues and move forward. Find a solution.  All of us have problems in our lives but you know what you can do, CHANGE IT!  To have an attitude of success you need to believe in yourself, the past doesn’t matter anymore.   Decide to draw a line in the sand and move forward.  Own your presence and your posture.  When a leader has a problem you don’t know about it because they take care of it and they don’t bring it to the game.   A leader holds his head high, shoulders are back, and eyes are bright with excitement.

6.)    A Leader has absolute confidence in their sweet spot-  This refers to that 6” spot on a baseball bat where if you take a good swing and connect in this sweet spot you will knock it out of the park.  Leader’s get it.  It’s a chance to become significant in other people’s lives.  They wake up thinking about it and go to bed thinking about it.  You get paid to do what you absolutely love!!!  Leaders know their sweet spot.  If you know this is your sweet spot then give it what it deserves, don’t play with it and poke it with a stick.  Go after it with a burning passion.

7.)    A Leader has absolute confidence in their social style –   Read the book called Personality Plus.  You need to learn your strengths and weaknesses, we need to know ourselves first.  After reading the book, take the test to find out who you are and have absolute confidence in who you are.   Work on your weaknesses and improve your strengths.  You need to know the personalities and social styles of those in your team so that you know HOW TO LEAD THEM!

8.)    A Leader  “get’s it.” –    A Leader has what’s called an “ah ha!” moment.  This is not about P90X, Shakeology, Turbo Fire, the workouts, or the business.  It’s the whole thing, it’s the BIG picture, and it’s the WHOLE STORY.  Do you realize you are a part of a movement that will change AMERICA?  Make the decision and realize that you are a player, that YOU are going to make a difference.  If you want to be a part of this movement then you won’t miss trainings, Gameplan Events, and Summit.  Once this desire to be a part of changing the nation enters your mind, then it enters your heart, then your soul; after this happens there is no stopping you.

9.)    A  Leader is accountable to another –  Find someone in your life that you can be held accountable to with this business.  This business is a blessing because we have mentors that are here to help us grow and change.  We can say to them, “Look at my life and let me know what I need to do and change.”    If you are willing to do that and let them speak truth into your life you will succeed.   You will move up the steps on that spiral staircase of your life and not go down.  Proverbs teaches us, “There is wisdom in the council of many.”

10.) Characteristics of a Leader – 

* FOCUS – It’s like the example of a magnifying glass when you are able to burn a hole in a leaf.  If the light is not focused to a pinpoint, it will not burn a hole.  Our focus in life and in our business needs to be pin point.  Use a calendar and set goals so you don’t wander around lost like a ship without a rudder.

*Humility –  If you want to be the BIG DEAL, then you won’t make it.  People want to follow those who are humble.  Be quiet and lead by example.  Be a trench person and just work your business.  Your light will shine.  You will be on stage in front of thousands at Summit. The big deal  is not YOU, it is the business, the lives you are changing.

*Integrity –  This means you are the same person when the door is shut as you are when the door is open.  Don’t make decisions that benefit only you.  Make decisions that benefit the whole group.

*Make long term decisions –   Think five years out and not about today. There is an example where an old man is planting a tree and a young boy comes and says, “Why are you planting that tree, you will never see it grow.”    The old man replies by saying, “ I’m not planting it for me.”

*Passion –  The most powerful weapon is your soul on fire.  A great man once said, “Set your life on fire and let the world watch you burn.  In these days, people’s passion has burnt out.  They let life kick them in the face.  You have the opportunity to speak truth into their lives.


Let people be drawn to you by these 5 steps, let them join you in this movement to change America.  “I’m more afraid of an army of 100 sheep led by a lion then 100 lions led by a sheep.”  Be that lion and lead your group by example.  Take a look back at these 10 points  of Leadership and grade yourself.  You may grade low, but understand that now you have something to work on and to grow with.  I believe you will all be leaders in this company.  You have got to make the decision and draw a line in the sand.  Set a goal to be a leader of leaders!

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