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Do Beachbody Coaches Help People?

Jessica Brown 

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This is Jessica prior to pressing play on her first day of Insanity.  She was sad, in pain, and at her heaviest weight.  You see, I have been asked from time to time, “Do Beachbody coaches help people?  Like actually?”  My response is always yes. The fitness programs and the nutrition plans are WORLD CLASS and some of the best out there.  Working out at home makes it very convenient to get done, and the meal plans are inexpensive and easy to follow. Then much of the magic comes from somebody believing in you and helping you go from one place to a better place in your life.  This is Jessica, just a few years later and some thoughts she wants to share with you as I asked her about her journey so far.

Do beachbody coaches help people, role of beachbody coach, beachbody coaching “In 2014 I got out of a toxic and verbally abusive relationship . I moved out with my 4 year old daughter at the time who was becoming old enough to see what was happening. I then gained full custody of her as he moved away. I knew at this point at 275 lbs becoming a full time mom I had no choiced but to start a goal I had started many times but this time was different I had to succceed and never give up.

   I mentioned my goal while on a fundraiser walk for the CNIB with my friends who were online health and fitness coaches.  They then offered to lend me Insanity to try.  I researched the program, I saw the results and testemonilas and then I decided to dedicate myelf to the program. I cancelled my cable, and donated every piece of non clean eating food I had. I started meal prepping for the first time!!! The next day I started my first Insanity workout and never stopped.   I ended up cheating on my healthy eating life style very little and I gave up refined sugars, salt, and non complex carbs and went through withdrawls for a few weeks.   Once that past that I was ready to eat healthy every day as a habit !!!
   After the 90 day program I lost 49 lbs.  Then proceeded to do 21 Day Fix where I lost 20 lbs. I also completed Body Beast,  Max 30, Hard Corps, some of Insanity asylum, and Shawn T week challenge and lost a total of 127.5 lbs. I have used all these programs and still do with my my Beachbody on Demand membership!  I became an Insanity Live Instructor to get out of the house a bit for my work outs and hit the gym too sometimes now.   Team Beachbody is a huge part of my life and always will be.
do beachbody coaches help people, role of beachbody coach, beachbody challenge winner
  Prior to starting my journey, I had back pain, I was always sad and tired at my heaviest weight. . I did not even want to go to work or do anything with myself anymore.  I hated buying clothes and was just very unhappy as I knew I may never be able to keep up with my daughter.
   I knew that was not me and who I was supposed to be!  Now I feel amazing.  My daughter sees me smiling, laughing, and helping others! She comes to my classes and is proud of her mom!  We make smart food choices every day and she has learned, being 7 now, what good food choices are!
   I will always continue to focuse on my health and life and never let it slip again. I will never stop sharing or helping people as best I can, I understand what Beachbody has done for me and what it could do for them.
do beachbody coaches actually help people?
Glad I can share my journey and hopefully people are motivated to start theirs.