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Focus T25 Results

 Annie Blass

I want to share the journey of Annie.  How she started, how she ended up LOVING T25 and showing you the Focus T25 results that she has obtained.  I love also that because of her results, she has decided that she wants to help others and make a better life for herself and her family.  Did you know that if you have Focus T25 results you can also inspire others and be rewarded for it?  We are so proud of you Annie and so happy for the changes you have gone through.  I am even more excited that your relationships have changed because of your decision to change your life.  You are an inspiration and we believe in you.


results may vary

“After having 2 boys and my youngest being 1, I was still at my heaviest 169 lbs. I felt horrible in my own skin!! I was moody, self conscious, none of my clothes fit and it was affecting my marriage. My hubby would try to touch me and say he like my “curves” but I HATED it!! This was NOT my body and I was not HAPPY!!! I already owned Slim in 6 and started going some workouts. A coworkers daughter is a coach and said she’d love to help me. I got shakeology and was drinking that and doing Slim in 6. I lost weight but the workouts were getting longer and it was harder and harder to get it done. With a family and a full time job (and call) an hr workout was HARD and getting easier to skip it. My coach had a challenge group and I joined. I started insanity and it kicked my butt, but about 3 weeks in I got strep throat (for the 6th time in like 9 months) so I decided enough was enough and had a tonsillectomy. My Dr said 2 weeks I could resume my exercising. On day 14 I pushed play…and cried. My throat hurt SO bad!!! I kept drinking my shakeology but ended up quitting the challenge because even 5 weeks later I was still having throat pain. Being older and having tonsils out SUCKS!!!! Well I joined in another challenge in August with T25. To get ready for T25, I restarted Slim in 6 for a couple weeks to get ready for it. Well….I LOVE T25!!! I get up at 5 am and bust out my workout and am done for the day!!! I’ve never felt better!! I’m less moody, happier, confident and my clothes still didn’t fit right…this time because they were TOO BIG!!! I now wear my prior “GOAL” outfit (leggings and jeggings) and feel amazing and confident in them! Now when my husband touches me instead of moving away I grab his hands to keep them there. Our physical relationship has made a huge 180 turn!!! At my lowest weight I was 139. After 1 round of T25 I did go up to 143 but had gained great muscle. I did a test… I took about 3 weeks off. No T25 and no Shakeology. I gained about 13 lbs, felt like crap!!! I did the 3 day shakeology cleanse and after day 1 dropped 6 lbs! That made me feel much better that 1/2 my weight gain was just water weight. I started my 2nd challenge group Monday and have 4 girls in it.t25_shakeology

I learned a lot from my first challenge when I had a hard time getting takers and then decided to not require Shakeology. The cost of it stopped everyone. Well I had about 16 join (all already had programs) and at the end I 3 finish. I listened to youtube videos and in the bombshell dynasty page how not requiring some $ commitment really decreased the commitment from challengers. So this challenge I have required Shakeology. I became a coach end of Aug for the discount. Well in Oct I was getting ready to start my first run challenge. A gal asked me WHY I joined. I said for the discount. Well after I pressed send it bugged me….WHY wasn’t I pursuing the business aspect of it??? I have a pretty steady and good job but it takes me away from my family. I work (4)9 hr days and have call during the week. My husband farmed and did construction and has killed his body! He is trying to find what he can do. His body is SO broken that construction will really kill him! Things he loves to do (train hunting dogs) doesn’t really pay and he guides Mtn Lion hunts for our friends but its only about 3 months a year…really not going to pay the bills for the year. So I decided that since I love the products and LOVE helping others that it was time to pursue the business!


If you want to be in our next Challenge Group please CONTACT ME and we would LOVE TO HELP YOU!