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Get Rick Quick Schemes- How do you create a real business?


Get Rick Quick

Steve Koerner 

If you are looking to get rich quick you are in the wrong place and reading the wrong blog post.  I couldn’t help but want to share the results and thoughts from one of our Top Male Beachbody coaches and leaders that I have been able to mentor over the past couple of years.  You’ll be BLOWN away by his results most recently with Body Beast but aside from that I believe you can find a couple of “gold nuggets” that you could apply to your life and journey if you are working on some big goals in your life.

get richer quicker

results may vary

“☕️More of a morning reflection than motivation..

So we have our own self doubt right!! Part of mine lately is holy shit I just walked away from a 6 figure job to pursue my passion as a Beachbody coach.. 
Am I going to make it?
Can I lead a team of coaches? 
Do I have what it takes to make IT?
As I do personal development everyday to grow and have a stronger mind to lead we all have doubts right??

Just as I have these self limiting doubts I opened up an email this morning congratulating me to be honored on stage in front of 25k plus people from moving my team to the 1 star Diamond rank.

What does that mean?? In just 2 short weeks Angela and I will be attending our 2nd Coach Summit event in Nashville.. It is THE EVENT for Beachbody coaches..
Last year we attended the event we literally sat in the nose bleed at the top of the stadium, I was an Emerald coach (beginner) of 2 years and basically dabbled in the business.

What Changed?? EVERYTHING!!!

I had my aha moment and met all of my mentors in the business..
It opened not only my eyes but Angela’s as well to the possibilities of this business..
Since then…..

▶️Placed top 10 in the Beachbody Classic
▶️Body Beast infomercial
▶️Avoided Back surgery/best shape of my life
▶️Earned a trip to Dominican Republic
▶️Earned a cruise to Bahamas/Jamaica
▶️Paid off $80k Debt
▶️Full Time Coach/ Stay at home Dad
▶️Created OperationShred men’s group
▶️Leading a team of coaches
▶️Moved from Chicago to Florida

Wow!!! I guess when I look back at it, a lots happened in a year… To everyone who has supported me, pushed me, been in my ass, had patience with me…THANK YOU!!!


If you have ever thought about what I do or have any interest in learning more, I’m here and I’m ready!!
But even if it’s not something for you, whatever your goals are, make a plan, work hard and don’t look back.. A year will come and go and you don’t have to be in that same spot of What If???

My question to you.. What is your reality??”


***In case you think otherwise, this is not a Get Rich Quick kind of thing — hard work is required. Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity, nor do I. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.***