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Help with Back Pain | Fit and Active in 60's |

Help with Back Pain- My Dad’s Results!

Meet my Dad! I’ve been so excited to share his progress and results!  Not only is he getting stronger, losing weight, and being able to do MORE things that he LOVES. He also has been a coach for the past 7 years with us and earns an income! (HOW COOL IS THAT!!?!?!?!?)  He needed help with back pain and we found a solution that didn’t involve surgery.  I also struggled with some smashed discs from snowboarding and the core workouts at home help with back pain in my life. 

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“Back in 1976 (20 years old) I smashed a disc in my lower back stacking sandbags when the Teton dam broke. It hurt me for a long time hoping it was just a strain before I decided to get it checked by a doctor. The X rays showed a bulged or smashed disc. The doctor suggested surgery.

I heard horror stories about back surgery at that time and decided I would live with the pain. I had a friend tell me that with exercise I could strengthen the muscles around the lower back and keep from having surgery. Most people that know me have no idea I have some major back issues except my wife and kids.

I would occasionally twist wrong or move wrong and I would get an electrical like shock to my back and I couldn’t move. The disc was pushing against the sciatic nerve casing numbness in my legs. It affected my life and especially my work. I had to carry a tool kit into offices to fix copiers and I couldn’t even hardly walk let alone try to pack a tool kit.

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I went to a chiropractor and naturopath and they seemed to help me for awhile. I got some advice from them on back exercises I could do to help strengthen my back. If anyone has had back issues you know how much it affects your life. I love to hunt, fish, ski, ride bikes, hike , fix cars, play with my kids, shoot my bow, ect. The floor exercises were good but I wasn’t consistent because I hated getting down on the ground.

I knew I needed to drop some weight and build up my core and strengthen the muscles around my lower back. I knew I wanted to try that before I went under the knife for a surgery. On top of all this I had already had my knee scoped from an injury I incurred on myself in my early 20’s after playing basketball with some scouts. 3 years ago I had to have a total knee replaced because of the abuse(fun life style) I put my body through.

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Through the years my right knee after all the fun I put my legs through was not letting me live the life I was used to. It was 3 years ago that between my back and my knee I was not able to do the things that I loved to do. I remember one day 3 years ago my son wanted me to go hunting with him but I couldn’t go because my back and knee injuries were preventing me from doing the thing I love most. I was only 59 back then and I remember my dad out hiking me in the mountains when he was 72. I knew I still had life to live and to enjoy. Anyway I had to have my right knee replaced.

I decided I would do whatever was necessary to strengthen my leg back up so I could carry on with my lifestyle.

About 6 months or so months after my knee replacement I was starting to get my strength back in my legs and walking pretty good. I still wasn’t at the weight that I needed to be at. I remember getting a blood test done with my wife and according to the reports it said I was obese for my age and height and BMI and all that stuff. The report also always showed my cholesterol was high.

Around this time I needed a physical to go to scout camp and the doctor determined my blood pressure was too high and put me on some blood pressure meds. I really didn’t want to take the pills but doctor said it’s that or possibly having a stroke. I listened to the doctor.

I knew that my son had the help I needed to get myself back in shape. I started a few years ago to start faithfully exercising and drinking Shakeology . My follow up checkup the next year after drinking Shakeology showed my cholesterol level had dropped to a safe range.

I have done numerous Beachbody exercise programs the last few years but the last year has been the best ever. I feel like 2018 has been my healthiest and had the energy to do the things I wanted to do with no restrictions. I started the year in January of 2018 at 205 pounds and a blood pressure of 130/74
As if December I’m at 176.4 and will hopefully reach my goal of 175 by the end of the year. My blood pressure has consistently been around 118/72.

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I’m grateful for my son help and encouragement along the way.

I have found my favorite Beachbody programs to be T25 and Core de Force. This past year, because of my desire to have an active lifestyle and to continue keeping up with my grandkids and to get myself in shape has been the best I’ve had in quite a few. I’ve done it with no “magic pills” but just the desire and using the programs and support of Team Beachbody as a coach.

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This last year I was able to harvest a pope and young class bull with my bow

Get back on water skis

Tried a knee board and loved it

Did numerous 20 plus mile rides on my bike with my grandson

Can do 30 tricep pushups

Went hunting anytime my son invited me.

help with back pain, active after 60

I’m inviting YOU to join us in striving to live a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle. If you are interested, fill out the form below and we will help you pick a program that will best fit your needs and goals.”

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