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Kiera Elise – I Am Team Beachbody

Have you ever felt like a nobody… I have.

Sometimes we look at people and only see the outside and make assumptions like “you’re so lucky”, “if I had what you had, I’d be happy too”, or “you always get the good breaks”… What we don’t see and don’t always know is the pain & suffering that person has gone through to get to where they are today & the work they had to put in on themselves to get through the hard times.

I have had A LOT of self battles in my earlier years and still do…

It started when I was only 7 years old…I had to go to a new school because the school I was going to didn’t have the resources to teach me. So going to a whole new school, not knowing anyone and having to attend the “special class” to learn…set me apart at a very young age.

*In grade 3 I was was taken out of french class because it was hard enough already learning to read and write my own language…which again set me apart from the other kids.

*I remember one day during library class the Liberian called out a book I was late returning which caused the the whole class laugh at me because it was a toddlers book because I could not read yet at the same level as my class mates.

*I couldn’t read a chapter book till the age of 13…and even at that time I still had to skip over the majority of the words and figure out what was being said.

*Being in the learning resource room as a teenager…again different from others…

*It took students 30 minutes to do a test…it took me and hour and a half…

*I was overweight as a young teenager and reapidly teased for it.

*I was taken out of sports and was not able to attend gym class, sitting on the side lines watching everyone else enjoy the gym game with swollen knees because of my arthritis…I remember one day being asked rudely by another student why I didn’t have to particiapte and whats so special about you?

I can go on and on about my past moments growing up like these ones which continued even all through high school…where “I struggled & didn’t quite fit in ”

Let’s jump to NOW:

*First off thanks to my passion for coaching, Beachbody and help others it has driven me to push myself in my learning disability -I dont have a disability I just learn different than others 😛 but because of posting and writing on Social media I have come ALONG way with my spelling, writing, and expressing myself!

*I am apart of a VERY supportive community that loves me and who encourages me everyday to be the BEST me possible!

*Beachbody has helped me break out of my protective shell, I can look people in the eyes and speak whats on my mind without fear of being judged.

*Beachbody has helped me to believe in my true potential, and live up to the women god has made me to be.

*Thanks to coaching, and personal development, my self growth has exploded! I am more positive, confidant and HAPPY! I still have my struggles but WOW I am a changed woman!

*I don’t feel “stupid” anymore or wish I was someone else!

Most of all….I finally fit in somewhere, where I feel loved and accepted for who I am