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Register for Coach Summit 2014

Register for Coach Summit 2014

I would love to share all of the trainings I have done on Youtube and with our coaches but as a way to show that you will apply what you learn I am challenging YOU to register now for Team Beachbody Coach Summit 2014.  Thousands of coaches are once again descending on Las Vegas for 4 days of rock-solid success strategies and supercharged fun.  Please join the festivities at the MGM Grand Hotel, June 11-22.  I want to share with you some testimonials of those that attended with us last week for the 2014 Team Beachbody Summit.

Register for Coach Summit 2014 with the button below.



“For those that weren’t at Summit this year, I just want to say that you HAVE to start planning now to BE THERE next year. I have been a coach for 4 months and I already know that it was a GAME CHANGER for my business and the number of lives I will change. I met so many great people, heard so many inspiring stories, took pages and pages of notes from the sessions with the top coaches, and had a blast at the parties and workouts. I cannot really put into words what this event meant to me personally and how it is going to CHANGE the trajectory of my life and business. It’s was SO much more than I could’ve imagined it would be. So, start saving for next year’s trip and there’s also a $575 deal going on now for 3 nights hotel and 2 tickets.”

I know a lot of people are are unsure about going to Summit because they are worried about spending the money. As a relatively new coach (4 months in), I felt the same way. However, I am BLOWN AWAY this morning because in the week after Summit, I basically PAID for almost my entire trip with just the income from this week. Summit is a GAME CHANGER and if you go with the intention to learn everything you can, it will change YOUR life, help you change OTHER’S lives, and help you reach your own life goals. As soon as I returned from Summit, things changed for me, more people wanted to talk to me, and I know that this will change the trajectory of what I am able to do. Here’s the link to register for next year. Make sure to get the early bird special by July 7. I hope to see you there!  Weekly commsion of $626.80

“Life changing! My first one of many.”

“Life changing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it and ready to end the trend!”

“First Summit for me. 2 words Amazing and Inspirational. Can’t wait till next year!”

I think it was amazing for a new coach like myself. It was exciting, motivating and educational.”

“One of the most impactful events I have ever attended. I’m excited for what’s next and proud to be part of the Beachbody family.”

It was great!!! The inspiration and motivation…. truly had my ah ha moment!!! Ready to move forward with my business and go DIAMOND!!!”

Complete game changer. Looking forward to what the next year is going to bring!”

Amazing and awesome. Our first Summit and first time to Vegas. Love it!”

This was truly the best summit yet!!! Seriously awesome!”

“You have to register for Coach Summit 2014!”


“Loved it!!!! All fired about and ready to make big things happen.”

Game changer! Two challenge packs and two coaches enrolled today! It’s not freakin about us damnit!”

It was amazing! I am still trying to wrap my head around everything I experienced and learned. I met SO MANY great people. Beachbody coaches are the NICEST and KINDEST group. I was able to connect with so many new people and hear their stories. What a remarkable opportunity it was.”

EPIC!!!! Loved every second of it!!!”

This is not only life changing. This opened my eyes and showed me what’s possible and gave me the tools I need to succeed! I will be there next year without a question. I think this is a must for coaches wanting to take this business and fly!!”

This opened my eyes, my heart, my mind, and my vision to succeed! Something powerful happened to me there that I cannot describe, but I know with my overflowing cup full of new knowledge I WILL change and impact lives everywhere! now…back to work!

It was life changing! Honestly, it made me step outside myself and see the BIG picture of what we are really doing-to believe in others, and serve them. I came away from it KNOWING that I can help to affect and change my part of the world and the lives in it!”

AMAZING!!! Full of fantastic positive energy & life changing info!”

It was so amazing I’m speechless! Complete game changer for me too!”

had an amazing amazing time !!! Completely changed my thinking.”