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Setting Fitness Goals

Setting Fitness Goals

One of the things that really helped me in setting fitness goals when I began my journey in May of 2010 was the ability to visualize what I wanted to achieve and then honestly believe that I could do it.  It comes down to believing.  I learned in the concept in the book “Think and Grow Rich” the idea of saying something out loud daily puts it into your subconcious and you are able to achieve it if you keep taking the daily actions steps required.  So we take this, along with the concept of a vision board and we create what we want to achieve. This picture was the first goal picture that I put up for myself.  I posted it where I could see it every day. The fridge.  The spot where the most temptation would enter my mind.  This way I had a daily reminder f what I was aiming for and as crazy as it may sound, I would tell myself, “It’s only a matter of time before others put MY picture of as a goal body”  Did it seem impossible? 

YES,  But I knew that if I never started I would never get there.

I also understood that if I quit, I would have to start all over again, so that was NOT AN OPTION.

These are my results

I would not have been able to hit my goal body if I didn’t truely believe it was possible.  This leads me to the next thing I want to share with you.  The #1 thing that will hold you back from setting fitness goals and hitting them is yourself.  I said it, you are the only one that will keep it from happening.  The mind is a VERY POWERFUL thing.  You must begin to believe in yourself to make it happen.  I can relate with you.  It was HARD for me sitting there with that green shirt and in that “before” picture to see myself as a fit person.  Once I believed, it was game on.  I then had the key to success.  What is the key to success? DISCIPLINE. Once I believed it was possible it came merely down to showing daily discipline and over time the results came.  It was incredibly hard to take negative thoughts out of my head but HAVING THAT GOAL PICTURE UP REMINDED ME THAT I WOULD BE THERE.

Now we move onto the next chapter.  I have looked and looked for that goal body that I want to achieve. After long searching and searching I have found the one.  To be 100% honest with you I see the picture and it seems almost impossible but I will put that picture up and I will believe.  I will show discipline and I will make it happen.  I will show you that setting fitness goals is possible and that having a clear vision or picture of what you want to achieve will help guide you through the days.

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