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Staying Focused |

I got distracted and lost some momentum.

I heard about how people were making some good side money doing IG reels but then also heard Gary V say that Facebook reels were going to be the best way to go viral.

So I committed to making funny reels once a day. I hit the benchmark of views to get paid on ads and made $1500 in one month.

The next month I made $4600 with about 15 minutes a day of content creation.  

This also doubled my facebook following to 50K followers and over 350 million views in a month.

However. It SUCKED my energy and the life out of me. It attracted in some good people but SO many trolls and haters. The comments were horrendous so much that I had to turn them off and spend hours deleting inappropriate stuff.

I paid no attention to my business team goals, I had no intentional masterminds, and lost some momentum.

But Summit happened in San Antonio and I was reminded deeply of my purpose together with our team.

I felt a whispering from God. 

Stay focused on your mission. So here we are, focused and seeing incredible growth again.

You might face something similar. An “easier” way to make money, a life setback, or whatever it might be. 

Remember daily your purpose and to stay the course. When you do this you’ll feel more aligned and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

Sure the easy $6000 was nice but it came with a price. Hold strong to your values and serve daily in your position of leadership

Staying Focused

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