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Take Care Of Our Families |

I was the top of my dental lab class and stoked to get the first job offers. I declined an offer to Houston TX and took a job in Salt Lake valley. I was fresh out of school and ready to work hard, grow my skills, and make a good living.

After 6 weeks of commuting 45 minutes to work and still not receiving my first paycheck I showed up to work that Friday morning hoping that the “system” was working and that I could collect an awesome first check of over a month of work.

The doors were locked and the business shut down. I had been used. I got no pay.

I took the first job I could find in the paper which ended up being door to door vacuum sales. I went to work and earned top sales in 3 months earning a free cruise.

I was not passionate about vacuums and I didn’t believe in my heart that I was offering these families something of real value. So I stopped. Not because it was hard but because it didn’t align with my values.

How many of you have been laid off? Had a pay cut? Not felt aligned with your work? Had expenses that your current job can’t cover? Incurred school or medical debt that seems impossible to pay?

This past week I have had two friends that are about the same age as me who have been laid off from their jobs. In this life you really have no control when you work for somebody else.

They can decide to downsize, cut back costs, or replace you with somebody newer or more talented that will work for less. It’s the truth. We are programmed to think that is the safe and sure way to take care of our families.

In 2010 I saw a leader of our church and knew that he owned a few businesses and thought, man, that seems like the way to go.

It took me 29 years to get to a point where I began to think of that or accept that as a great option as opposed to working for an hourly rate for the next 40 years being told what I’m worth by somebody other than myself.

As many of you know we have built income by building a business through health and fitness which creates the ability to work from anywhere and on our own hours.

I know many of you that struggle in life and I know WITHOUT ANY DOUBT that this “BODi partner thing” I do, is simply a better way.

It’s not the only way, but it’s better than spending free time playing video games, watching the depressing news, gossiping, reading pointless magazines about celebrities, and complaining about your life or problems.

It’s something to do NOW to prepare yourselves for potential future hardships. Becoming healthier, stronger, mentally tougher, more confident, a better parent, spouse, son or daughter. Creating a retirement, saving for kids college, providing an easier lifestyle for parents, providing time freedom….

For once I don’t lay in bed wondering how to pay bills, how to retire, how to pay off our debt. Not having that stress makes me more present for those I love most.

You don’t have to be the best, or the top, or the 1st, You don’t have to do it full-time and you can do it at your own pace.

We’re building the level up Squad with those men who don’t want to live mediocre lives and who want to live life on your OWN terms 🔥

I’ll be your direct mentor but you’ve got to reach out to me 🤘🏽

Take Care Of Our Families

I help you as a new parent who is overworked, underpaid, and under-appreciated to reignite your dreams, feel good today, and build successful habits.. Send me an email at

If you want to join our team and help build this SUPERSTAR Team you can JOIN with this LINK and then I will text you once you have officially joined.

If you have QUESTIONS first please APPLY with the FORM HERE and then I will reach out to you.