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Think and Grow Rich | Achieve anything you want ||

Can I let you in on a little secret? Something that I learned from reading the book “Think and Grow Rich” over 60 times in 2011 alone?

When you see somebody that is living an incredible life I bet you for the most part they saw themselves living that life before they actually had it. 
I want to share a simple example that I believe will help you see this.

Every time I am up at our cabin I see people comment on my Instagram stories saying, “Is that a slide in your living room?”

I always answer with a simple “yes!” 

Today I want to expand. There is a ton of space in our living room up here at the cabin and one day I was sitting on the couch and thought, “Man, it would be awesome if we had a slide coming from the loft down to the main floor so that the kids can play and stay active in the winter!”

I became obsessed about the thought. I could see it in my mind. I could see how excited the kids would be to slide down it. I would Google search slides, play houses, costs, and everything you could think of. I measured the space, I calculated the turn angles, I read forums.

I figured out everything I needed. 

But then I want to share with you how the universe works. I brought about 10 guys up here for our annual man retreat and I told them about my idea. Two of the guys were just as excited as me and told me that they would love to help and had experience in building. ( I am not experienced with woodwork or building) 

think and grow rich, build slide in house, tube slide in house

Within two weeks we had everything ordered and we spent two days up here building the Playhouse and installing the slide. It turned out far better than it would have ever been if I tried to do it myself.  

This is sort of how our team works and how you achieve your goals and vision. You can’t do it on your own, you’ve got to share that dream and vision with the world and your friends. Together you can build a beautiful life and achieve anything that you want because God gave us each unique gifts and talents. 

If I wouldn’t have shared my vision of the slide with my friends it wouldn’t look at this beautiful and it wouldn’t be built with a solid and strong foundation. 

My friends this is my invitation to you to get clear about your goals and vision of your life and to let the world know about it. It’s time for YOU to think and grow rich in relationships, time, wealth, and love.

think and grow rich mindset, build playhouse in house, best cabin ideas