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What is Invite Invite Invite- 3 Vital Behaviors

What is Invite Invite Invite

3 Vital Behaviors of a successful coach?

After many conversations over the past month after attending a Team retreat we had in Knoxville and a few conversations that I have had with our coaches that seem to be struggling with hitting success club, finding challengers, and adding coaches to their team on a consistent and regular basis I have found out what the missing ingredient is.  The 3rd vital behavior called INVITE  INVITE  INVITE.  What I have learned or seen is that many coaches are waiting for somebody to ask them about starting a program or counting on just a select few people that they thought for sure would be joining them before they signed up.   The Coach Training academy and what we teach is that you should invite 2 people a day.  So what does this mean?  It means simply what it says.  INVITE two BRAND new people each day to join you with a challenge pack as a coach or customer depending on their goals.  I want to get this post out as soon as possible so that you can start this process now.  As I think of other resources that I have created or any of our coaches have created I will edit this post and add them in.


THE 1st thing you need to know is your STORY and the story of others.  Start gathering them now by listening to the team calls, connecting with other coaches, and listening to the National wakeup calls.  You will notice that they ALL start with their story.

When people say something like, “Hey Scottie!  I saw you are doing some workouts I’m interested”

What will you say?  Lucky for you…. We want to SHARE with you.

MY STORY when I was new—> HERE

How to TELL your story as taught by one of our leaders and my good friend Caleb Thomas:

If you want to see the list of 10 things I do every day please read this post and watch the video

So what is Invite, Invite, Invite and how do I start this conversation?  Here is where you need to get over the fear of selling a product or offending people.  You should watch this VIDEO I made to know WHO you should invite to become a Team Beachbody Coach.

MUST WATCH to know who to INVITE! 

Here are basic conversation starters that you could use:

1.   ( no previous contact) Hey!  I know this might not be for you but I just started an online health and fitness business teamed up with Beachbody who is the creator of P90X and Insanity.  Over the past 3 months I have lost 35 lbs, have learned how to curb cravings, and feel healthier and more confident than ever.  I realized that If I could help enough people feel like I do with these products I can bring my wife home from her evening job.  We have been working separate shifts since we were married and I know that were not supposed to live like that.  Would you watch this 10 minute video and let me know what you like best about it and if you know anybody that I could help?  ( OR Introducing Team Beachbody

2.  Hey!  You have been doing amazing these past 2 weeks in our challenge group!  You are doing exactly what I do as a coach!  Have you ever thought about doing what I do and getting a 25 % discount on your Shakeology on top of that? 

 HOW TO INVITE VIDEO from one of our top and full-time coaches Katelyn Lesk

Here is a sample of how you can invite somebody to join your next challenge group.

1.  “Hey!  I was just finishing up my Insanity Max 30 workout and your name popped into my head.  It would be so cool if we could do this together and hold each other accountable!”

2. “Hey I saw that you were working on losing weight and asking for advice.  I’m no professional but we have some amazing programs that line everything out for you so that there is no guess work.  I would love to help you with one of our programs.  What is it that you struggle with most when it comes to your weightloss?”

HERE is the important part.  ONCE you have them interested and willing to listen the next step is to get them on the phone or meet up with them in person.

I send a message like this after they respond.  ” I am SUPER excited that you want to know more!  Can you shoot me a text at 208-XXX-XXXX so we can talk about your goals and see what will work best to help you achieve your goals? “

Here is the video showing you HOW to have the conversation on the phone:

After this is done you need to BOLDY invite them to sign up with their challenge pack and get started with you on XYZ date.  The important part here to understand is that I get a TON of yes’s and then many times they don’t follow through.  I also get a ton of ignored messages or no responses or a not right now.  You need to emotionally disconnect yourself from whether they start or join or not.  Your job is to educate them on what will work for them and then let them make the decision.  If you have to beg or convince somebody, you’ll have to beg or convince them to even open the package when it comes.  This is why consistency and “being here a year from now” is so important.  You need to be here 100% as excited as your first day 6 months from now so that when they come to you, you are ready to help them.

Let’s talk about the BIG ELEPHANT in the room.

You WILL run out of friends and family and many of them MAY be the ones most AGAINST you as you start this journey.  FACE IT.  Its the truth not only with this but many things in life that you do outside the norm.  It’s funny how you could have a friend that is an alcoholic and you don’t say anything to them but the minute that they try to start a business or something like that people are like , “oh… you don’t want to do that.”  It’s a fact we must face so decide now that you will show them.

You must find out YOUR way to let your light shine and market yourself so that you can attract people into your life that you can have these conversations with as we shared above.  This is a video I made awhile ago on expanding your market.  I want you to use the analogy of a deck of cards.  Every deck has ONLY 4 aces.  Your job is to find those aces.  Not turn a 4 into an ace and not to magically make there be 6 aces.  There are four aces.  When you go through the deck of cards.  Don’t flip back through hoping to create magic.  Grab another deck and start flipping through the cards to find the next 4 aces.  I hope that helps.