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Your Reason- Team Beachbody changed my life

Your Reason

When you hear the phrase “Face Your Grizzly” It means you are standing up against your fears with courage.  The 1st step to facing your grizzly is to have a your reason.  I love seeing the progress of my friend Jeff as he changes and helps other people change in small groups called Challenge Groups  Jeff had a reason that was strong enough to get him to take action on his life to improve his health and his fitness for his new baby girl.  I can really relate to him and his story because my 3 daughters were the reason that I stood up against my fears, doubts, and insecurities.  Lets give Jeff a shout out for his amazing progress so far with the 21 Day Fix and P90.

Jeff Grantham


results may vary

“I am here now because the amazing experience of becoming a father really gave me a new perspective on how to live my life, my life as a Husband and a DAD.

I knew I was not in the best of shape and I also knew that because of my wife’s very bad “Morning” Sickness, or should I say, Morning, Noon and Night Sickness that I probably packed on a solid 10 lbs. I would eat crappy processed food because I could make it quickly and eat it quickly so I could try and get rid of any food smell for my wife. The extra weight and lack of physical activity started to become very evident on the, “It’s Time!” day. Incredibly intense and fast paced labor made for a pretty stressful day. I didn’t want to leave my wife’s side but I couldn’t hold bladder any longer, otherwise my “water” would have broke. Since it was so busy and chaotic, the closest bathroom for me was the main floor. We were on the third and I wasn’t about to wait for an elevator so I pretty much jumped down the stairs. I went to run back up to be by my wife’s side and half way up the first flight of stairs I was winded. Even with adrenaline coursing through my veins, I was so out of shape that I was winded after one flight of stairs. It was sad! And similar moments like these became more and more apparent once our daughter arrived.

In the first few weeks of my daughter’s life, as I often did, I was holding her in my arms, staring into her eyes and after a few rough days and the reality of what shape I was in kicked in, I promised her that she was the reason I was going to continue to live, and live healthy so I could always be there for her. With this in my heart, the choices I was making about my exercise, or lack there of, and nutrition weighed on me. I know that making better choices in my diet and exercising regularly is going to be the best thing for my physical health. My mental health is also to gain from the new changes as well. My mental state is always significantly better and easier to manage, with reduced stress levels, when I am more physically active. I just needed structure, something that would hold me accountable and show me what I should do and teach me proper portion control. This is when I was introduced to BeachBody and the 21 Day Fix program by a fellow Dad and Coach. I am almost at my goal weight now after my kick start of losing 12 lbs and almost 4 inches in my stomach alone with 21 Day Fix and I am excited to continue on with Tony Horton’s P90!

I became a coach because I get motivated by motivating and inspiring others. I had an excellent opportunity in my career where I was able to advise and inspire others. As all careers do, mine has taken a wandering path and I was looking for something I could add to my life that had created a void when I lost that connection with helping people one-on-one or small groups. I also know that this is as a chance for me to pay it forward and help others work towards achieving their goals in a positive way. I now know that you don’t have to be some buff jock to get a workout in; anyone can exercise and change their eating habits. I was not able to do a lot of the exercises exactly as shown, but I was able to find ways to modify them to something I could physically do and still get the benefit of the workout. I know that this is how I can add a ton of value to anyone who may fear they ‘can’t do it.’ I have the scars to show the hurdles I have had to overcome, it isn’t a matter of not being able to do it, but finding a way that you CAN do it. BeachBody and the BeachBody family has reignited a spark in me and I am very excited for the journey ahead.”