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Does Beachbody Really Work?

Karolina Hodgson

One of my favorite sayings from the High Performance Academy that I attended this past week was, “When opportunity or change knocks at the door who answers?  WORK!”  So if you are asking yourself the question, “Does Beachbody really work?”  The answer is YES, but YOU have to work.  We do NOT offer quick fixes and magic pills.  We offer genuine and real support coupled with the tools to help you succeed.  I would be LYING if  I didn’t wish that I could make everyone really change that commits but it really comes down to what do you want, and what are you willing to DO to make it happen.  I am so proud of the changes that Karolina has come through in these past 3 years and I know that it took her work, discipline and consistency.  She is willing to do what most won’t now, so that she can do what most won’t be able to do later on in life.  Please take a minute to listen to her story below.

“Transformation Thursday? People don’t believe me when I say I used to be chunky… I totally was!! Take a look. I always say that 2010 was when I reached my “heaviest” point. But you know what? I didn’t even start working out consistently (or at all) until OVER A YEAR AFTER the photo on the left was taken. Even though NONE of my clothes fit, I was generally happy. My kids were happy, so life was alright.


results may vary

I had to hit an EMOTIONAL ROCK-BOTTOM for me to decide that it was time to make a change and give myself a little priority. That didn’t happen until November of 2011.  I didn’t start this fitness thing to lose weight, it was to get my MIND right and get to a better place. The weight loss was just an added bonus. I owe it to Beachbody, P90X & Insanity, my Coach Scottie and our team for helping me turn my LIFE around and actually learn how to start LIVING and striving to reach my potential! 

I can say that this journey has made me a way better person (I mean, I was awesome to begin with, haha)… but it’s definitely helped me see where I’ve done things wrong, change bad habits (still a work in progress), build better & stronger relationships. These programs are LIFE CHANGING, once you decide to commit.

Now I’m working on letting Beachbody help me reach some financial goals so I can help more people in different ways. You know what JayZ says, “…and I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them.”  When I say I’m “working on it” it’s because truth be told, I’ve been pretty hesitant to _really_ put it out there I’m a Team Beachbody Coach, that it’s my BUSINESS, and that I can make actually make money doing it… lol. I never want to come across off as salesy because that’s not what I’m about. I’ll help you regardless, but if you buy the products through me, I earn a small commission off the sale, which is awesome! However, my MAIN GOAL and PURPOSE is to help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE! …and hey, guess what? YOU can also make money while doing that, and it’s totally OK! Change your own life + help others change THEIR life + make money = PERFECT OPPORTUNITY! I’ve been letting fear hold me back and that’s selfish to the people whose life this could and WILL change.  

I truly pour my heart and soul into helping you achieve your goals, like… I totally invest my emotions and my heart into you because man… if I can help you FEEL the way that I feel… with this fire inside and this burning desire to just go out and LIVE and LOVE.. it’s INCREDIBLE! I know the struggles, the emotions, the pain that I’ve gone through… and if I can help ease those feelings for you and help YOU overcome & realize YOUR potential, AHHHH… that gives me goosebumps. No amount of money beats that. 

So yeah… you can buy the products from anyone else, download them, do whatever… but if you get them through me, it makes me your coach and I’ll give you my heart and passion.  Or if you have any Beachbody programs and are ready to seriously commit want to make me your free coach (if you’re not working with one of our other ahh-mazing coaches), I’d love to help you!!  I am telling you, Beachbody CHANGED MY LIFE and I’m forever thankful for that, and for having found such an INCREDIBLE team to be on! ♥♥♥ 

Ps. You know what made me smile the most about this photo? When I showed this to my girls, they were like “Nooo way, you’ve always looked like that!” (like the current me)… that just kinda shows me that, my heart is still true and the people that matter the most will ALWAYS LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE. Regardless of weight or whatever. 

Ok, who’s ready to change their LIFE?! ;D My train is stiiillll moving, so you better hop on!  ALL IN BABY.  

If you took the time to read all of this, I thank you so much and appreciate your time. ♥♥♥ I hope this insipires you to make a change in your life, in whatever area you might need to improve upon… because guess what? If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!”

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