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How to Become a Leader- Successful Team Beachbody Coach

How to Become a Leader

Julie Keppner

I just wanted to share a portion of my story for those who haven’t heard it before.

When I was married I wasn’t happy. I know, its a girls dream to be married. I’m not against it, I just had a really hard time because I felt like I was losing myself. All my dreams and aspirations, my hobbies. They became nonexistent. I was living in the moment of taking care of the family. I put everyone else first, but myself. I felt like I wasn’t living up to my true potential. That there was something more out of life than the daily grind. I thought the answer was to run away. Run away and start anew.

However, when I divorced I lost myself even further. I rarely was home. I partied. I drank. I renewed some of my hobbies and tried new activities, hoping that it would counterbalance the negativity I felt about myself. But I still didn’t care about anything. Not me. Not my future. All that I really cared about was which bar to go to next, who could I sleep with next. I didn’t like who I was becoming. This girl who didn’t care. The girl who didn’t care about the example she was setting for her children. 

I had many “wake up” calls. You know what they are like. How you feel when you get hit by them. Hoping that you can turn it around. It’s easy to go back into the dumps. Its easy to feel negative. Its easy to not do anything about that wake up call. 

Well one day I went out for a midnight run, I couldn’t sleep. I ran 7 miles! And I cried the entire time. I broke down on the streets, all alone. As I ran I DECIDED to take ACTION. I DID NOT want to live a life of “I don’t care”. I wanted to be an EXAMPLE to my children. I wanted to feel good about myself and my actions. I wanted to care for other people. I wanted to show that I can take control of myself again. I wanted to be the LIGHT so that others can see.. I wanted to follow my heart and FINALLY live up to my true potential.


And so I began my journey of being that light for others. So that they know that when we are down, we can begin again and renew our sense of self. Fight on my friends!! Find your Warrior Within you..
If you would like to hear more of my story and my Vision, please listen to this Team Call at

If you are looking and trying to learn how to be a leader, make sure to listen to the call recording above.  Julie is an amazing high school friend and now leader in Team Beachbody.  She is a FULL-TIME Beachbody coach and living her purpose of helping and leading people to their goals.


CLICK to learn HOW to become a COACH!