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Going through Trials- What does this mean?

Going through Trials

Gabby and I watched an AMAZING movie last night called “The Good Lie”. It’s movies like this that put our lives more into perspective and make me grateful for what we have and the comfort in which we can each live our lives. The love shown by these brothers also makes me look at family a little deeper. Sometimes in life we have trials and life seems just TOO hard. Its funny how sometimes the Universe aligns to teach us things at the right moment. Earlier in the day before this movie I learned this at church and wrote it down.


“Accept trials , setbacks, and surprises as part of your mortal experience. Spiritual confidence increases when you accept that often trials and tribulations are allowed to come into your life because of what you are doing right”

One thing that I have learned and focused in life is that you can’t let your happiness be determined by outside sources, people, or influences. Happiness is knowing what your purpose is in life and working everyday to be a little bit better, planting seeds of growth in others, and focusing on the things that you have control over.


Life may always look perfect at the Hobbs home but its really not, Its because we work on staying focused on what we can control. Is it easy to stay focused? Absolutely not. It takes time, energy, and focus. In the past year our entire basement has flooded 2 times and had to be restored, I found out I had a degenerative disease of the cornea and had a surgery on one of my eyes ( I haven’t been able to see good this past year), I shattered my collarbone and haven’t been able to workout like I would like to for the past year, we’ve had a suicide of an ex-brother-in-law this past month, we have had people that are close talk gossip and rumors about us, we recently found out news that will test us and make life a little uncomfortable, and I have had serious ringing in my ears 24/7 ever since my wreck.

These could all be reasons to throw our hands up and say that’s good enough for this year. I’m going to take a break from life. But I have faith that these trials are here because of the things we are doing right. If you are having trials in your life, like I know many of you are, I want to challenge you to continue focusing on what you want in life and spend your energy serving others instead of feeling sorry for yourself. We are each exactly where we are supposed to be in this life because of the decisions we have made in the past. Let’s rise up and go together.

Click to LEARN how to become a Coach!

Click to LEARN how to become a Coach!