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Increase your Sex Drive | Benefits of Working out |

Increase your Sex Drive. Okay, now that I have your attention, I want to share what has happened over the past 9 week with my friend Erin and her husband Steve. Erin was a coach many years ago but was faced with a very abusive relationship and that caused her to have no ernegy or drive to build a business as a coach. Life has moved on and she now has an amazing supportive spouse and recently became a coach 2 months ago and is seeing great progress with her workouts and now excited to build a TEAM and her business. We hope that her story INSPIRES and EMPOWERS You to pick yourself up and to start again.

Increase your Sex Drive

” 9 weeks and 45 workouts later we barely recognize the people in the pictures! This isn’t my first time working out. But this is my first time being more 90% dialed down on my nutrition AND working out with a partner. Coming from a past where my ex husband used to make fun of me while working out, this is huge! Not only was I able to heal from that past through working out with Steve, it also made us bond that much closer together! From the fist bumps, high fives and pushes to keep going through workouts, to the new ways of learning how to eat. Steve has been my biggest cheerleader along the way!

His results alone speak for themselves! Steve lost 12.2lbs and almost 9 inches in just 9 weeks!!! I wasn’t too far behind either. I lost 11.2lbs and almost 9 inches!!! The best thing yet is all the non scale victories we’ve noticed along the way. Being able to wake up in the morning more quickly. Not falling asleep on the couch at night. Bloating cut down SO much! Mind more focused. Communication increased ten-fold! Sex drive up, And we’ve only just begun. We’re not stopping now. We just made improvements to our workout area to make things more comfortable during our workouts. I’ll be sure to post more pictures later. For now… enjoy our results!!!”

Do you have results with your health and fitness journey and would like to begin helping others, learn from the BEST Team Beachbody coaches in the company, and start earning 25% commisions right away for referring products and Beachbody on Demand? Feel free to email me with questions at OR JOIN AS A COACH AND I WILL REACHOUT TO YOU VIA TEXT.

The Top 10 Benefits of Regular Exercise

  • It Can Make You Feel Happier. … 
  • It Can Help With Weight Loss. … 
  • It Is Good for Your Muscles and Bones. … 
  • It Can Increase Your Energy Levels. … 
  • It Can Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Disease. … 
  • It Can Help Skin Health. … 
  • It Can Help Your Brain Health and Memory. … 
  • It Can Help With Relaxation and Sleep Quality.
  • It Can Reduce Pain
  • It Can Promote a Better Sex Life