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Put on Muscle- Simple Body Beast Program

Put on Muscle

I know many of you are probably just like me.  You are wondering how in the world to put on muscle.  I googled for days on end at my old job trying to find what was the key to success with putting on real muscle mass.  I had ALWAYS been that skinny fat kid.  After P90X I was just the skinny kid.  Here I was PROUD of my 1st ever abs and new healthy addiction of working out and eating healthy but I was made fun of for being too skinny.  Thank you Beachbody for producing Body Beast.  Sagi Kalev is an amazing person and an amazing trainer.  If you want to put on muscle I want you to check out Josh’s pictures as well as mine below and know that YOU are no different than us.  We are excited that you are here and ready to put on muscle and join our team.


results may vary


“I’m a former college baseball player who’s always been in great athletic shape. But after I stopped playing ball and started teaching high school, my body quickly changed. Food began to hit me harder and it was tough to maintain that athletic physique. I tried the usual: running and going to the gym, but felt like I was living in an eternal fitness plateau! And as a teacher, my whole life is under the microscope—especially the obvious, my health and physical condition. I was supposed to be helping young teenagers become successful adults, and that didn’t end with the textbooks. I wasn’t setting a good example for my kids, nor did I feel good about myself. I knew I had to change.

I decided to try something different and contacted a friend who had done Body Beast to see if it really worked, or if it was just some infomercial hoax. I’m a naturally skinny guy who has a hard time putting on lean muscle mass. But since Beast promised to pack on muscle mass while keeping body fat percentage down (my biggest problem) I decided to give it a try. It worked for my friend Chris. I just hoped it would work for me.

WOW, Body Beast was great! First off, I love how specific the meal plan is. It’s truly tailored to this program and designed to get extreme muscle building results. I also love how Sagi was able to put a twist on some common exercises and turn them into a more intense, creative workout like the “Sagi Six Way”. Last, but definitely not least, you cannot beat the supplement plan that goes along with this program. Much like the meal plan, it’s perfectly created to maximize your results in the Body Beast workouts.

I cannot imagine doing this program without using Beachbody’s supplements. With my busy schedule, Shakeology was the only way to guarantee that I was getting all the dense nutrition needed for muscle development, plus it helped me kick my coffee habit. With the natural energy I gained from my morning shake, I no longer need my daily coffee(s) to stay alert. E&E is great because it helped me maximize my workouts by enabling me to push my limits. The whole line of Beast supplements has helped me achieve great muscle growth while significantly reducing my recovery time and length of soreness between workouts.

The Book of the Beast is an absolute must-read for anyone before they start this program. From the formulas they teach you for calculating your diet and calories, to explaining the science behind the exercises—it puts you in the right mental place to start this program because you feel fully informed about what you’re about to undertake.

In only 45 days I’ve increased the weight I lift at minimum of 50%, and in some exercises (like shoulders), nearly 100%. I’ve gained about 1″ in my arms and over 2″ in my chest. My legs have leaned out and I can actually see some definition in my quads, “QUADZILLA!” I’ve also started to develop those elusive lat wings “Body Beast Airline”. But what I’m most proud of is that I feel better and I am living healthier. I’m eating more nutritious meals and I can now lead by example for my students and my family. Plus it feels great that people have actually started to come to me with questions about health and fitness. I now have more energy, feel healthier, and have a much better personal self-image about the way I look.

My friend, Chris, was my gateway to Body Beast. It was his results that inspired me to try this program and it was his encouragement that kept me pushing through. Thanks Chris. And thanks, Beachbody, for creating such an incredible program and line of supplements. I’ll be eternally grateful.”


Body Beast

These are MY 90 day results


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