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UK Beachbody Coaches- Learn what you need to do step by step

UK Beachbody Coaches

I want to take a minute to recognize and shout out some of the top UK Beachbody Coaches and why they are the best.  Jan and Hana are committed to the Vital Process and the 4 Vital Behaviors every single day as they work on their own transformations and inspire others to do the same.  There is something powerful about a couple that workouts out together and I am excited as these UK Beachbody Coaches set the standard and example of how to build a solid and long term business with Team Beachbody.  Hana and Jan we are super excited to see you in just 4 weeks as we arrive for the official launch of Team Beachbody in the UK.   I’m excited to see you as founding UK Beachbody Coaches who are putting into practice the steps that others can follow as we strive to end the trend of Obesity in your country.

In the UK and want to learn how to join our team? 

Here is Jan’s Story

“I tried a few fitness programmes in the past but wasn’t really consistent – often skipping a workout or two; it was then getting more difficult to jump back into it. I wasn’t happy about my physical appearance, but because I wasn’t taking any action to change it I simply felt demotivated and was struggling. Earlier this year me and my wife Hana decided to change things and open a new chapter in our lives with a focus on our health and fitness. We first completed the 21 Day Fix and then the Body Beast programme.  I’m the type of a guy who didn’t really use to go into gym and push big weights; I always preferred outdoor stuff like football or basketball, but with Body Beast I started to enjoy that. Our most recent programme – ‘The Masters’ Hammer and Chisel’ has been a real breakthrough – I started to be really consistent with my nutrition, gained on more muscles and in overall improved my physical appearance and specific body definitions, mainly the chest and shoulders.

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I felt excited at the start of the Hammer and Chisel programme although I realised that the workouts are going to be just one part of the equation followed by a stricter nutrition plan. But once me and Hana hit the ground running we were having much fun, really enjoyed working out together (and supporting and motivating each other all the way through). This programme offers a great variety of exercises so you never get bored ☺. Having just completed it feels really empowering and energizing and I think I was able to learn a great deal about my body and myself, too. You can really achieve whatever you set your mind to and the fact that I can now look at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures which we’ve taken and see the real difference brings me a great satisfaction because the effort has paid off! At this point it’s also worth to mention our fitness accountability group run by Scottie – people in there have been amazingly supportive and I was really impressed about their positive feedback after my results’ submission – that keeps me going!

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I’ve discovered something new in my life that brings me joy and happiness, makes me healthier, fitter and generally feeling better about me. The programme has boosted my confidence, too and enabled me to think about and establish some powerful routines like regular morning workouts, improved and tracked nutrition, reading personal development books and some others. I’ve also started to post more on social media and received the words of recognition and encouragement from people in my network. I am keen to share my story with others, it’s been a great journey so far and if I can help at least one person to have healthier and more fulfilling life then I am all in!

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Hana’s Story

I have first come across Beachbody workouts about four and a half years ago and we’ve been doing various workouts on and off since then with Jan (my husband ☺), but never completing any programme. We would always start very enthusiastically, but after some time missed a day or two and then stopped altogether. We really started to get back to it couple of months ago and this time were really committed to stick with it. Being employed in an office job means we spend a lot of time behind the desk and I realised I needed to be more active. In addition I wasn’t really happy about how I looked and was determined to change it. We started with the 21 Day Fix, then completed Body Beast and afterwards we decided to try the Masters’ Hammer and Chisel programme – this looked very appealing to us as it combined two great trainers – Autumn and Sagi and strength training which we really enjoy since having done Body Beast.

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Two months of daily workouts ahead of you might sound a bit daunting at the beginning, but once me and Jan got into it there wasn’t anything that could stop us. The big thing that helped us was joining Scottie’s Fitness Accountability group on Facebook. We also established a few helpful routines around our workouts – exercising first thing in the morning, planning our nutrition and calories’ intake throughout the day, preparing our own lunches, reading personal development books, regularly posting into our fitness accountability group; in overall I feel that I’ve made a big step forward. Of course, there were a few days when my nutrition wasn’t perfect or I wasn’t really feeling like working out, but the support from Jan and the accountability group kept me going like never before.  Having just completed Hammer and Chisel and seeing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures has been great, I could really see the difference and the feedback from other people and my husband have been very encouraging, too – it gives me the strength to carry on and motivates me to tackle further challenges.

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I enjoy doing the workouts and pushing my limits and feel that my body and my mind get stronger every day. I believe that if I could do this transformation (although I’m still in the early phase), everybody can do it. The feeling of accomplishing your goals or getting closer to them is very motivating, so is the encouragement from my friends and colleagues. And because I like helping out and motivating other people in pursuing their goals, I want to be a role model who is consistent, inspirational and not afraid of taking on new challenges! Finally I’d like to highlight the support from Scottie Hobbs and other members of our accountability group which I’ve received – it’s been instrumental in helping me to get where I’m. It only feels natural to me to return this favour and help other guys out there on their health and fitness journeys as a Beachbody Coach. ☺”

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