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A Healthy and Fulfilling Life

When I began my journey with Beachbody I didn’t fully understand what it meant to live a healthy and fulfilling life.  I just understood it at as eating healthier and doing physical activity 5-6 times per week.  Even beginning out as a brand new coach on my own journey to pay it forward and help others I don’t think I fully understood this motto.  “Helping others live a healthy and more fulfilling life”  I began feeling healthier, I was more energetic, and was in better shape than I had ever been in my entire life thanks to P90X and then Insanity Asylum and P90X2.    I was helping others begin to lose weight and begin their own transformations and that felt good.  It didn’t matter if they bought something from me or not.  I was happy that they were interested in changing their way of life.  But what was a fulfilling life?  What did it consist of?  I want to share with you something that happened this past weekend.

As most of you may know I became a full-time Beachbody Coach just 7 weeks ago.  It has been amazing being at home everyday and present in the lives of my children.  I realized this weekend what it means to live a healthy and FULFILLING life.  It was a Sunday afternoon and the weather was amazingly beautiful.  While most would be starting to regret that their weekend was coming to an end we decided to go on an overnight camping trip to my favorite spot.  We now have the freedom to do that working from home and on our own schedule.

We arrived in the late afternoon and set up our camping spot, split some firewood, and let the girls explore the surrounding area.  After this was set up we took a hike to view the beautiful rivers of Island park as well as the lake.  It was the most amazing experience seeing them climb and hike and look back at me with their little smiles saying, “I’m a great Rock Climber huh Dad!”

After we got done exploring the surroundings we came back to make a camp fire and to cook Turkey Dogs over with a stick.  We had a few fall in the fire while the kids were cooking but that is what made it fun.  We were laughing and didn’t have a care in the world other then being with each other.  The girls came up with silly dances  to entertain us and it was relaxing to just laugh and smile.  Some of my greatest memories are from camping trips with my mom and dad as a kid.

 We cuddled and watch the fire burn out together and then went to sleep listening to the sounds of the night.  For those of you that are parent, you know we answered a million questions about fire, rivers, hawks, and every noise that we heard that night.  But that is one of the joys about being a parent.  You get to TEACH.Daddy even busted out some P90X Yoga Crane moves by the fire.

The next morning we woke up and drank our Shakeology an drove a couple of minutes over to the lake.  Since we live in Idaho we don’t have beaches.  Ill tell you what though, these girls believed with all of their hearts that they were living the life and they were at a real beach.  We spent three hours exploring the shore and wading in the water.

This trip seemed like a 3 day adventure with all of the things we did and the girls were excited to see what each new hour would bring. This little adventure was under 24 hours long.  This to me was living a healthy and fulfilling life.  We are present in our children’s lives and I don’t have feel like I have to ESCAPE my job for 2 weeks out of the year.  We look forward to many more “Monday’s” like this one and being able to show other parents how to live this lifestyle as well. That night when I got home I was EXCITED to get back to work from home knowing that there were people that I could help and that what I was doing mattered.




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