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Do Vision Boards Work

Do Vision Boards Work


do_vision_boards_workDanette Gavin Anderson

Yesterday I re-organized and cleaned out my home-office and was drawn to a vision board that I made in 2012.  It blew my mind to see the images and numbers I had placed on that board back in 2011 and to know that every single one of them had been achieved.  So do vision boards work? Call it divine intervention or whatever you may but shortly after seeing my Vision Board from 2012 I saw the vision board of my friend Danette as she shared the goals that she has achieved after setting goals, visualizing them, and putting in the personal growth and hustle.   I want you to know that it’s not just hocus-pocus, believe something will happen, and POOF it shows up in your life.  Its about truly seeing and knowing what you want in life.  Making it a part of your belief system and then applying yourself to the opportunity or vehicle that you have in front of you to help you accomplish those things you want in your life.   I know Danette that you will be able to photograph Autumn Calabrese at Leadership in a couple of weeks!



results may vary

“In the beginning of this year I set some CRAZY goals on my vision board. To be honest I thought with every single one I was reaching too high on the shelf, but I’m motivated by goals so I thought “why not go big!” If I didn’t hit them, I would re-evaluate them later in the year. 

5 of these goals I have achieved so far- and there is still 3 months left in 2015!

Today is super significant because see the one that says “pay off Adams’s car?!” Yeah that just happens, 5 min ago!!!


1.5 years ago, I was making enough money in ONE month to cover a nice new car for my honey. He drove an old beat up Kia for the entirety of graduate school. And was fine with driving his clunker. But it was so fun being able to do something so cool for him- get his dream car!

So that was 1.5 years ago, one months income. About 7 WEEKS ago, we realized we still owed $15k on this car. So we said “let’s see how fast we can pay this off!!!” We took the first 10% off the top every week for our tithe….the rest went to pay down this car. And today, in 7 weeks- we are down one less car payment!!!! 

I still have 2 unchecked things on my vision board- the savings, we are revamping that goal to have my brand new car paid off by the end of the year instead!!! 

And who knows what will happen with Autumn:) but I will be in hanging out in CA with her next week-eeeekkk!!!!!!😁

None of this is to be boastful- it’s to INSPIRE someone out there- that your current situation doesn’t have to STAY your situation. 

And to say “THANK YOU BEACHBODY!!!!!!! 

Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence.


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