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Helped with Digestive Issues | Best Beachbody Coaches

What if you found something that helped with digestive issues, made you feel more confident, and completely changed your life? What if it ONLY involved a few small changes to your daily routine and habits? What if your life was completly different in 5 years? Would you take the chance on yourself?


I love how consistent daily decisions helped change the course of Morgan’s life and it started with daily workouts and changing her nutrition. 

Helped with Digestive Issues

“I started because I couldn’t fit in one of my costumes (I am a burlesque/fire performer) that I wore all the time. But as I began my journey early on my world came CRASHING down around me and it literally no lie SAVED my life from going into a every dark place of depression. My father was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and I had to watch his health decline before my eyes. As he was in the hospital I had to take on even more responsibilities of not only working full time and performing but running his business, talking to doctors, hospital staff, and getting all his affairs in order: Bills, lawyers, notaries, documents, and more. I was extremely stressed, angry and sad. I had two choices at that time I could go into a DEEP downward spiral of depression or force myself to make small positive changes everyday to help fight my depression and pressing play on my workouts every day did that for me, even when my day was insanely busy or when all I wanted to do was cry and sleep. After he passed I still was on a roller coaster of emotions but I knew that pressing play for those 30 mins a day from home gave me a little relief from the emotional pain going on inside me. As time went on everyday got a little better and I started to feel like me again. .
I stand here today cause Team BeachBody came into my life at a time that I needed it more than I every thought I would. Besides it helping me battle depression and emotional eating it has helped my digestive issues, lowered my cholesterol and given me not only more energy but it’s changed my mindset and how I cope with everyday life and situations out of my control. I am in better shape at 41 than I every was in my 20’s!
I will ALWAYS continue this journey because its has given me so much more than just my dream body it has changed my mindset, given me a community of amazing friends that have become family and I am a much better person all around. I encourage everyone to go all in and trust the process cause like me it can totally save your life.

Everything about Team Beachbody coaching in 10 minutes
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