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Lose Weight and be Healthy

Lose Weight and be Healthy

Kate Louton

Have you been looking to lose weight and be healthy?  It seems like I see a lot of people that lose weight, fall back into bad habits, ad continue this process over and over and over again.  Do you want to know why I am so passionate about LIFE every single day?  Because I have the ability to GIVE my time to others and teach them that being healthy is a lifestyle change.  It’s not just about hopping on the newest most exciting diet and then losing interest and falling off the wagon.  We are about creating a lifestyle change in people.  Teaching Real fitness, real nutrition, real support, and that it takes WORK every single day.  If you are tired of giving up, stop quitting in the first place.  Surround yourself with like-minded people and commit to a healthy LIFE.  Not a healthy month or a healthy 90 days.  We are talking about LIFE.  Find out what you want out of life.  What would it mean to you to be an example for your kids? To inspire others to live?  To feel like you are 20 again?   If those sound like things you want to do and fell and you want to lose weight and be healthy then follow Kate’s example and make a life change for YOU.  We are so proud of Kate with the commitment and dedication that she puts into her health every single day.  I know that by her simply taking care of herself she has in turn inspired others.  Kate was in my very first Beachbody Challenge Group and inspired everyone in the group to push themselves.

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“I started seriously working out after my fourth baby. I got a job offer from a place that required excellent physical fitness. I took their fitness test and failed it. I could not do one push up and barely managed 20 sit ups. I was so ashamed that I got myself in gear. I started by walking and doing a Jillian Michels DVD from Walmart. Then, a friend recommended P90X. I stalled a bit after watching the first few minutes but eventually got up the courage to try it. I will never forget that first week of P90X. Man, I felt like I had been tortured. LOL. I look back now and can hardly believe the changes. I can’t tell you how many thousands of push ups I have done since then.

I guess the biggest challenge I had was balancing everything. I work full time for the federal government. I also teach for two colleges and have four children ages 5-10. During some of that time I was finishing up degrees. I now have six.  So, a few jobs, a few kids, a spouse, volunteering for everything under the sun and all of the kids activities…how on earth do I fit working out in there. Turns out – you can! I turned OFF the mindless garbage on TV and turned on the DVD player with some workout videos. I also run at lunch – just about every day. To date, I have completed P90X, Hip Hop Abs, P90X2, Insanity, Asylum Volume 1 (AV1), and I’m just on day 4 with AV2 from Beachbody. And, more road and mud races than you want to hear about.

Anyways, I am usually pretty quiet about my life…despite the crap I post on Facebook (which is actually locked down like fort knox)…I have just recently started adding some folks who seem really into working out. I like the positivity of people who are really into it. And I’d rather hear about how much you bench pressed than how many beers someone chugged.

The day I had Braxton was my heaviest. I was 201. I’m now 135. I’m tall (5’11), size 2/4.”

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