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Body Beast Supplements

Body Beast Supplements

My results so far!

Timing plays an important role in a bodybuilder’s nutrition plan, especially when it comes to the Body Beast Supplements.  Basically, the key is to spread you eating as much as possible.  Sagi recommends 3 meals a day and 3 snacks, spaced about 2-3 hours apart.  If that doesn’t work for you , certainly make sure you eat at least 3 meals.  Generally speaking, the less you consume at one time, the more effectively the body will process it.  For example, on average, the human body can properly process about 30 grams of dietary protein in one meal, most of it goes to waste.  Conversely, if you have little protein with each meal, that means you are creating a near-constant supply of dietary amino acids for your body to use.  It’s also a good idea to keep your meals as balanced as possible.  A nice mix of protein, carbs, and fat with facilitate slow digestion, keeping your blood sugar levels steady.

Pre-Workout Nutrition

  • Three hours before exercise: Ideal time for a big Beastly meal
  • Two hours before exercise: Keep calories down to 300 or so and minimize fats.
  • One hour before exercise: Keep calories down to 200, minimize fats, and emphasize carbs
  • Ten Minutes before exercise: Eat fewer than 100 calories, all carbs, and little or no fiber.  A banana, a small glass of Beachbody FUEL SHOT, or a hit of Beachbody E&E Energy and Endurance would be ideal.

Post-Workout Nutrition

Here is a trick to make that recovery snack work more effectively:  Add a little protein.  If you keep the protein amount lower than the carb amount at about 3:1 or 5:1 and make it a fast absorbing protein like whey, that protein will piggyback on those carbs, getting to muscles fast and jump starting the recovery process.

Post Workout is also an excellent time to supplement creatine, because the same systems that rush protein to muscles will rush the creatine along with it. I suggest 2 scoops( 10g) during the build and bulk phases and 1 scoop during the Beast phase.

The four Body Beast Supplements are:

  • Hardcore Base Shake: Each scoop has 18 grams of why protein isolate an d9 grams of maltodextrin + dextrose.  It’s low-fat and has 130calories per serving
  • Beachbody Fuel Shot:  Each serving has 45 grams of dextrose + Maltodextrin and 5 grams of whey protein . It’s low fat, and has 200 calories per serving.
  • Beachbody M.A.X Muscle Acceleration Xtreme Creatine:  When you supplement with creatine, you’re basically helping the body supply a little more phosphocreatine to the ATP cause, thus allowing your muscles to crank out a few extra reps- helping you recover faster.
  • Beachbody Super Suma: Suma Root, also know as Brazilian ginseng or para toda (which means for all things), has been used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon region for generations as a general cure-all, as well as a tonic for helping with strength, energy, rejuvenataion, and sexual prowess.


Feel free to CONTACT ME for support and help and make me your FREE COACH.  I am a driven individual with huge goals and it’s my passion to share the knowledge that I learn and help you achieve your goals whether they be fitness or financial as a Beachbody Coach.

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